Walking in love

The best way to “do good” to someone is to walk in love toward them here are some practical way to do good to others.

*”love covereth all sin”(prov10:12) love not only hides the sins and evil of others, it refused to speak of them.

* “love envieth not”(1cor13:4) love does not desire the position honour, power, benefits, favour esteem, or blessing that others have.

*”love is not puffed up……”(1cor13:4)love does not think more highly of himself than than he should.

*”………in honour preferring one another (Roman 12:10)when you get so busy preferring everyone else and unselfishly helping then obtain blessing that you forget about yourself, that when you will find honor, success and promotion for yourself.

*”love is at peace” great peace are they which love the law; and nothing shall offend them”(psa119:165) love is not easily offended, love is at peace.

*”love endureth all thing……”(1cor13:7) love can go through all kinds of trying, hurtful, evil, and slanderous experience calmly, uncomplainingly-the way jesus endured hardship-knowing that there is a crowd of righteousness, the judge will award to you(2tim4:8)

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