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Faith make the connection with God’s power.

When studying the ministry of the lord Jesus Christ, a lot of forks misunderstood dome of the principles of faith that would received from God. They erroneously believed that Jesus healed everybody he came in contact with. To prove is dirty, however. Scripture does not teach that Jesus always healed everybody everywhere he went.

On certain occasions, the bible does record that when the multitudes followed Jesus. He healed them all, (matt12:15, luke6:19) but scripture also list times when only a few people where healed. For instance in his home town of Nazareth. The word says “he could there do no mighty work save that he laid hand upon a few sick folk; and healed them” (mark6:5).

Only one healed

The book of mark tells the story of how one woman in the midst of multitude got healed. This woman suffer with an issue of blood for many years when she heard of Jesus she made her way through the people and touched the hem of his garment and when she touch Jesus, she was made whole. (Mark5:25-29).

Jesus immediately stopped and ask his disciples “……….who touched my clothes?(v30).

His disciples reply,”……… Thou seest the multitude thronging thee, and sayest thou, who touch me?” (V31).

Jesus was surrounded by a large crowd of people, and many were trying to touch him, I am sure some people touch Jesus out of curiosity. Has he walked by them. But nothing happened when they touch him.

There’s no doubt that others touched Jesus accidentally as people were pushing and showing to get near to Jesus, its likely that some bumped into him. Yet the power of God where not activated by an accidental touch.

Although a multitude surrounded Jesus and many people touch him, the healing power of God was transmitted to only one person. What was the different when this woman touch Jesus? The answer is found in verse 34. Jesus said to the woman “………daughter thy faith has made thee whole…..”

Faith made the connection and caused the power of God to manifest.

The paralytic man

In Luke chapter 5, we again see only one person in the midst of a multitude being healed, Jesus was in a house where scribes, Pharisees and doctors of the law had gathered, it says in verse 17 that “………the power of the lord was present to heal them” yet not one of those religious leaders was healed, this prove that God’s power alone won’t healed someone.

As Jesus was teaching four men carrying a paralyzed man tried to get into the house, they couldn’t get near Jesus because of the multitude, so they carry the man up to the roof top and broke through the roof to lower him into Jesus presence, and when Jesus saw there faith he acted.

Corresponding action

Some wonder how will can see faith. Well can’t really see faith, but will can see the result of it. In his letter to the church, James said “……faith without work is dead” (james2:20) this may be little blind to some, verse 18 in that chapter in the Weymouth translation says, “…….you have faith, I have actions, prove to me your faith, apart from corresponding actions. And I will prove mine to you by my actions.”

Jesus saw The action of the four men. Which was there faith

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