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The lord that heals

The statute of divine healing was first established in the old testament when God revealed himself to the children of Israel has Jehovah rapha. “The lord that health” the Israelites were making their excuses out of the land of eqypt where they had being in bondage, subject to the cruel slavery of pharaoh and the Egyptian.

They where on there way to the wilderness when they ventured into the wilderness of shur, for three days they traveled on the wasteland without any water.

When the Israelite came to marah, they found water, but they could not drink it because it was bitter, Moses cried to the lord, and the Lord showed him a tree, and told him to cast it into the water, when moses did this the water became sweat. And the children of Israel were then able to drink of it. (Exodus 15:22-25).

The tree moses threw into the water was a semblance or a type of the cross that Jesus died on at Calvary, throughout the bible water then represent people, isn’t it interesting that the way the tree was dipped into the waters at marsh to heal them. Jesus Christ who dies on the tree and rose again from the dead, was ” dipped into the water humanity” so to speak obtained our healing and redemption.

It was at marah that God established a statute of healing for his people, he said, “if thou will diligently hearkened to the voice of the lord thy God, and will give hear to is commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of theses diseases upon thee, which I put upon the Egyptians, for I am )the lord that health thee (exod, 15:26)

Nowhere in the Bible does it says this statute of healing has been revoked, change or altered. Malachi3:6 says” I am the lord, I change not” the lord has not change is mind about divine healing.

When God makes a covenant with is people, he abides by that promises until it is superseded by a better one, since healing is also found in the new testament. Will know that it is still available for us today, actually, the bible says we had a better covenant than the children of Israelite had because of the redemptive work of Christ (heb8:6).

Your part in receiving

The scripture says, “for unto us was the gospel preached as well as unto them, put the word preached did not profit them not being mixed with faith in then that heard it” (heb4:2)in other word if you need healing our faith has something to do with receiving it. Gods word always work when acted upon in faith, just because someone failed to received healing doesn’t change the fact that healing belongs to us and that its God’s will to healed us to walk in divine health.

Believed you received

Many time we don’t understand when good Christians people go home to be with the lord instead of receiving their healing, by same token will may not understand why some people may choosing not to accept salvation.

However the bible still teach that salvation is available to all, we may not understand why things happened has they do but lack of understanding on our side does not discredit God’s word, the bible says believed you received and you shall have”(mark11:24).

God is still in the business of healing people today, once will understand that healing belongs to us, we simply need to received by faith what already yours.

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