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Resources for reaching your goal

Within each of us are dreams plans, goals and visions, these things may be right on the cusp of happening or they may be burned under years of neglect.

Some people say that money is the ultimate resource. Needed to reach goals, money. However, is a secondary resource the primary resource we need to reach our dreams are time, energy, and attention, when these three are working in same direction on a goal, big gain can happen.


Time is flying by for all of us, no one can add more time to his day, week, or year. We can only manage time better, there are many books seminars and systems about time management, the key is to find something that work for you and stick with it.

If you don’t manage your time properly you are making opportunities pass you by.


Success take a lot of work the truth is that people don’t want to work that hard, they want success’s a portfolio, and a great career. But they don’t want to exert the energy needed to make that happen.

Energy is influence by beliefs, perceptions, and values. Have you ever held of a farmer who wake-up at 4am. And says, “I’m too tired, I’m not going outside”? No! Farmer get up regardless of how they feel. It’s part of their values and up bringing, there’s a job to do so they get up and get it done.

Ultimately, energy boils down to a decision we’ll extend energy on what we want to do, ask yourself this, if a big paycheck was on the other side of activity. Would you find the energy for it? Sure you would.


The interesting thing about attention is that you can have the time and energy to do something. But if you lose your focus, that project will never happen. If you spend your attention on something else, that job will not get done.

Attention is a resource, once it depleted, its gone. Nowadays our attention is pulled in a million direction, we live in a day when will are notified about everything.

Through social media we Know what every one is doing in every part of the world. At every moment of the day! Our attention is being shattered. Its difficult to find quiet.

What are you paying attention to? Some people can’t take there eye off there cellphone. There action is not on the task before them, something else has pulled it away from what need to be done.

There is distinction between attention and intention is the simple word action. We have dreams, desires and plan’s, but we must put action to them, they don’t happen on their own, remember we are judged by our actions, not our intention.

What have you intended to be? What have you intended to do? If this things are not reality in your life, its because you have not put your action to then.

Published by Godfreykuma

Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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