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No one is coming to the rescue

But making complaints and excuses can’t help instead it increase bitterness, were you are now dies not matter if you are ready for a change. You can say! It seems you don’t know what you are talking about. But I mean it. No matter the failure things can still change for good if you are ready to amend some kind things in your life.

i firmly believed this post can change your life if you with open mind such it in.

sadly enough I have meet countless men’s in their fourties and five ties who are still grumbling and complaining about there earlier unhappy esperience, but no matter were your life is right now. No matter your under achievement even though you owe a million or zillion dollar debt. You are not alone, some years part that was were I was until I came across such knowledge like this. And that why I want to help you out of I. Some years ago I was emotionally, financially in crisis, but now every has become new.

Making complaint and excuses doesn’t help instead increase bitterness, but the only solution is to lay lay down those weight of excuses and start taking responsibility.

What you arrive at in life owes very little to what you were born with. I have seen children born. But I haven’t seen a doctor, engineer, or president of any great organization or country. They all made their self what they are. Though some were born with a form of golden spoon in there mouth. But the vast majority are self made.

What you are born with in life owes very little to what you can become, both have more to do with what you make yourself

In the history of mankind we have held of plagues that have hold men down during the years.

But there has been one which has been very dangerous to success and achievement, cwhich is negative emotions of all kind. Nothing crippled than it. And there are three natural cause of negative emotion.

  • 1.blaming:- the first cause of all negative emotion and the worst is blaming, it is like a truck of a tree, or a circuit breaker in an electrical circuit once the switch on the circuit breaker is turn off power went out of the circuit. Once a truck is cut from a tree the whole fruit and leaves that was on that truck dies. When you stop blaming others for the wrong in your life all the negative stops.
  • 2. Stop justifying:- a person lay off from a job due to change in economy or decline in sales or any other constraints. This individual is angry with is boss for this decision and justifies is anger by describing all the reasons why being laid off his unfair, he can even get it so intense that he may decide to sue or even in some way as long has he justify his negative feeling toward his employer, is negative feeling ocuppy much of his life and thinking. This is why negative people are busy complaining and elaborating on there negative feeling. But once you say this is personal, people has been laid off on several occasions all I need to do is to look for another job or get something work out for me. The negative vanish. When you stop justifying you become a more effective being.

.stop rationalizing:-like little Jane and jone, mummy will walk in and ask “Jane who touch that pot of cookie” mummy it wasn’t me, says Jane, please first enquire of none, when mummy will ask jone, “jone, will redirect to Jane.

Rationalization always require that you make some or something else the cause of your problem, you excuse your action, by creating an explanation that sounds good, even though you know that you were the active agent of your problem.

Published by Godfreykuma

Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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