The gospel

There can’t be a harvest without first a cause (seed being planted). Gods plan for us to preach the truth of the Gospel, and for people, to hear it and be born again through the incorruptible seed of God’s word. Also likewise to healing for our body. And material prosperity, people can’t have faith to believed and received from God, without somebody first telling them about Jesus the healer.

many people are praying for people to be born again, but they are not planting the seed of God’s word. No one get born again through prayer alone.

“how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believed in him of whom they’ve not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher

  • Here, below are three step to a great faith that receive from God.
  1. somebody must first speak
  2. Then somebody hear and believed
  3. After believing you called (act upon what heard)

most of the time people mistaking preaching on hell fire and call it the Gospel, they tell people repent or burn, and think they were preaching the gospel. But it’s preaching the goodness of God that leadeth to repentance (Roman2:4) preaching hell fire, Judgement’s only scare people from God. Hell fire is real, yes. it a place reserve for Satan and all is rebellious group. But that not what the word says it lead to repentance.

“…..not knowing that the Goodness of God lead to repentance”


Preaching that God was already in christ reconciling the whole world to favour with himself. That God want to proper any body at anytime. That Jesus has already bore there sickness.

If satan can keep the church from keeping watch on the first task, he has win the battle. To put satan at its place, we must stand on our feet and began preaching the gospel. I don’t mean preaching commendation on people. But the godnews about Christ.

most of the good folk in our church world, are still begging, “oh God, send revival. Oh lord, if you want to, pls pour down revival, but even in the acts of the apostles it weren’t done that way.

and now, lord, observe their threats and grant to your bond servants [full freedom] to declare your message fearlessly.while you stretch out your hand to cure and to perform signs and wonders through the authority and the power of the name of your holy child and servant Jesus.


this was how they prayed, because thethey know that you can’t get enough success without the lord confirming it with sign following. Get some few sick folks healed, and you will get the revival.

will need be busy telling our world. About the compassion and mercy of God. THat save, healed, prospered, and delivered, the gospel is the power of God unto salvation.

“And when he heard that it was jesus of nazereth, he began to cry out….” (Mark10:27)

and in verse 52 Jesus said to him your faith has made you whole, how did he get the faith, when he heard, how did he heard, someone told him, when he heard it was Jesus, and chooses to believe and acted on it. Jesus said her faith made her whole.

someone told blind bartimaues about Jesus, he believed after believing he called, when he called Jesus gave him his heart desire, Jesus said to him, your faith has made you whole. You can have that same faith, your faith too can make you whole, it can get your need meet. It can give you that deliveranc. Jesus said his faith make him whole.

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