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Working more doesn’t mean making more.

In most circumstances, people have no time to invest, why? Because think that working harder and longer will make then richer. Of course nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t sell your time cheap for a paycheck

Working hard at your job, hitting the gym, prepping meals, keeping up emails, making it at church meeting talking care of kids, and being a good husband, father, daughter, neighbor. It’s absolutely impressive if you think it just look at everything you’re able to accomplish on a daily basis!

Now, what if I were to asked you to carve but a few hours a week for a new task? I bet your immediate response is, “no way” I don’t have a spare second for anything extra. “No way. Don’t you see how much I’m already doing? For most of us those statements properly rings true. We feel we don’t have enough hours in our day to accomplish anything we want. We have a full-time carear, a spouse, a relationship. Even children, plus additional day’s to day activities. The thought of adding another thing, even something as important as working toward your financial freedom, seems overwhelming.

Don’t invest your time working for money.

If you ask most people why they are working so hard….or looking for work, they’ll tell you it’s for money.

By this, they mean a steady pay check that provides security. Money is one of the primary reasons people take on thousands of dollars in college loans to get a degree for high-paying job that they don’t like but which they spend most of there working hours at. All while the things they really love in life sit on the sidelines waiting for them to finish working. The problem with this approach is that you only make money as long as you work, the only thing at value you have is your time. So in order to make more money you have to work longer hours, which is physically taxing.

Because you only have a finite amount of time and energy as a employee. That’s why am bringing to you this great suggestion, nobody that has ever take this step ever regret. And you can’t regret if you steaks to it.

Make money work for you

Creating more time for yourself start with knowing your priority the rich knows that financial Independence is the most important thing in there physical live.

If you were diagnosed with a rare disease, you would get rid of your top priority finding your way to the doctor office, in other to find remedy for your I’ll health. It’s same with money if your finances aren’t healthy. They won’t get any better until you start talking care of them, and that mean making them your top priority.

An average American watch TV at least an hour a day, what if that hour were cut into half, and use the other 30 minutes for studying “especially on financial education” when you start to look at how you spend your time, and cut out the activities that really aren’t that important to you. More time magically appears.

We were all raised believing if we want more money, we have to work for it. For most American that might mean picking up an extra part-time job, or working overtime at the office. But we are human, and there are only so many hours we can physically work.

That’s why the known key for financial success isn’t working for money but Letting money work for you. This is what the rich do by creating systems or investing in assets that generate money with little to no involvement from them. They might start a business that runs independently. Or invest in real estate that produces steady cash flow every month.

And the great thing about this system is that they don’t just generate time, you can be earning money even while you sleep. So instead of working at the office, your real estate property will supply you with extra cash. Instead of getting another job. Business you started with your extra time will generate extra income.

It’s about making time

Making a comments like I don’t have time is always true to some extent. If you have a juggling family, career, charities, sports, activities, not to mention, just keeping up with friends and everyday life, but in the midst of this long continues list. How did you find the time for something new, like investing?

Yes family is important, ……carear, without it you can’t make a Living. Gym; you need it to stay fit. TV; you need to catch on with those updates. All seems to be important.

But before you can determine if investing is worth your time, you need to know “why.” you wanna invest, “will this investment really worth to take on this intensive challenge? What will truly motivate and drive you to spend the time and effort necessary to become a good investor?

How many times have you started something that seemed so important but never actually get around to finishing it? It’s probably because it sound like a good idea but you never took the time to uncover your true reason for doing it.

Usually, we are focused on doing things that need to get done. (Take a shower, go-to work, make  dinner, help the kids with there homework, without questioning why you’re doing all those things. It’s the same reason you might skip a workout even though you set your alarm earlier in the morning to do so- you haven’t zeroed in on your why, why, why, has to be  dazzling and moving, so that when you begin to doubt what you’re doing, your why keep you moving forward. once you uncover your true reason for “why you want to invest”

Reasons why you should invest.

Asked yourself, what is that deep down core reason for wanting to be financially independent? Here are four reasons you need to invest.

  • So that you can live a life without worry for money again.
  • So that you can have all the time to spend as you want.
  • So that you I’ll never have to work for money again.

Reasons why people don’t invest.

Most people know they should invest, just has people know they should eat there diet and exercise.  Nonetheless millions of people one estimate that 80 Percent to 85 percent of Americans _don’t invest at all what I mean by this is that those  people’s aren’t active investors.

And the sad things also is: many people thinks they are investors when really they are not, they think that there 401(k)s an IRAs, which has stocks, bond, or mutual funds holdings are investments, but I consider then saving plans, that’s what I called passive investors. They’re simply “saving” for retirement.

Most professional investors got cash flow first and capital gains second, and. Ideally, you want both similarly, if you own your house and live in it, I don’t consider it an investment. Without cash flow monthly (and with money going out each month for mortgage payments, utilities, property, taxes, insurance and maintenance), your house is a liability, not an asset, it might become as asset-if you rent it out for income each month. That exceeds your expenses on it. Or you sell it and realize a capital gain.

And remember you don’t need money to make money, many of these people who don’t invest cite for reason. “I don’t have the money to invest.”

You don’t need money to make money

But if you, train yourself to see opportunities around you. You can recognize that there are OPM (others people money)- the bank as your real estate investment partner, they will loan you the Lions share of the money and allow you to to take 100% of the tax advantage.

Apart from this let look at reasons people don’t invest.

  • Lack of vision: I have hear alot of young people blithely saying “I’m still young,” “I don’t have to worry, I’ll just keep working” they don’t put at heart that there will come a time when the body will be too weak to work. Old age seems to some as a mystery. And whether you are ready for it or not it will surely come. And if you don’t make plans Now it I’ll cast you unaware.
  • Entitlement mentality: i believe is about time our schools began to teach people to take care of themselves rather than believe they’re entitled to government support. Is not only those on welfare that has this mentality. Many of the people expect the government, (or a business) to take care of them once their working days are over. And when the hours reach everything seems like a disappointment to them (because you can’t budget the next 20 years, emergency arose which doesn’t have to Ring annalert.
  • Our school system doesn’t teach us much about money: the entitlement mentality and myopic vision stem from place- our schools and the lack of financial education….”go to school to get a job” is common advice you hear from parents. Is common advice but the idea echoes the entitlement mentality, the idea that once you a job, the company or government will take care of you.

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