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Couples and money: let’s talk about it;

All couples need to talk about money issues, such as who will pay the bills, what kind of checking accounts they will have (individual, joint, or both) which I much prefer to be joint. And how much personal spending will be allowed. Trouble handling money can caui stress in relationship and even lead to divorce. For example, large debts brought in a marriage often cause probly for couples because if the stress involved in getting the debts completely paid off.

When money problems get our of conty, so can the relationship, argument can cause tensions to violence, when money problems soar to this level, couples need to seek outside help immediately with a professional counselor. Hope fully, the information provide in this post will help couples find a way to discuss money issues away. To discuss money issues before those issues get too serious. Dealing with money can be very difficult for couples. But it can be done.

Reasons couples fight about money.

1. Power

traditionally, men have made more money and more power in families. While some women have depended solely on their husbands for financial support however, many women today are working as much as men and making a good deal of money. As women bring more money into the home, they feel free to make decisions about what they does with money.

2. Priorities

one partner may think that saving money for the future is most important, while the other partner may believe that the money should be used to buy those things that are immediately desired. It is very important to discuss priorities so both partners needs will be meet.

Common wisdom to keep your finances on balance.

  1. Keep joint account: some couples think the best way to avoid money arguments is to keep sperate checking accounts. His paycheck goes in one account, hers goes into another, and they each pay bills separately. No harm, no foul, right? Wrong. This lays the groundwork for financial problems as time goes on.

But to be sincere separating the money and splitting the bills is a bad idea that only leads to more money and relationship problems down the road. Marriage is a partnership, the officiant said, “and now you are one” both parties need to be involved in the finances.

  1. Team work: Don’t keep the money details all to yourself. And stop acting like a know-it-all while using your “knowledge” to boss Around your free spirit spouse. And if you’re the more carefree spouse, don’t just nod your head and say, “that looks great dear” you have a vote in the budget meetings! Give feedback, criticism and encouragement.

Even though one person might be saver and the other is more inclined to spend. While that can cause some marital problems isn’t the real issue. The source of the problem is whenever one of you neglects to hear out from participating in the financial dealing altogether.

  1. Don’t let salary difference divide you:
    For most couples, one of them probably makes more money than the other. Rarely will you both be making exact same salary. But whether the amount comes to $50 or $50,000 more a year, the same problem can arise.

Instead of seeing the full post as “our money,” you might think you have leverage over the other-all thanks to a few extra digits on your paycheck. Sometimes the spouse bringing the most money can feel entitled to the most say. Don’t even go there that’s just asking for more money and relationship troubles.

But it’s not “yours” or “mine”- it’s “ours” there’s no reason to hold a higher income over the others head. You are on the same team. Start acting like it.

4.don’t let your expectation gets the best of you.
One of the biggest dividers between couples and money is when they have unmet expectations. The quickest way to feel unfulfilled and unsatisfied with your spouse and financial goals is when you expect things to go a certain way only find out reality is a big different.
There is no rule stating married couples have to buy home, start a family, or go on a trip to Paris during their first year of marriage if those things aren’t feasible for you right now, stop worrying. Get your finances in order now so that later you make your dreams a reality.

Talk about it

Talking about money is of every important for a healthy relationship. Many couples say money causes conflict and stress in relationships. But often it is not the money that causes the problems. Most people do not like to talk about finances. But for couples trying to maintain a good relationship, it is especially tough. First, no one want to appear to be selfish. When talking about money leads to conflict. It may feel like the relationship is failing, second. Because men sometimes makes more money, women think they don’t have the right to Express their feelings about money. This is more common if the woman doesn’t work outside the home. If the women doesn’t make decisions about money, it may lessen the worth of the child care and management she provides in the home.

The best time for couples to begin discussion money is before the wedding so both know what the other expects and how they will spend their money. However, most couples do not discuss money before marriage.

Here are some money issues that couples need to talks about:
Goals About money
Besure to be open and honest with each other. And try to understand each other’s goals about money. Goals change throughout mirrage. It is very important to discuss ideas with a partner and understand each other’s difference in other to secure a stable financial future. It is okay to disagree, but work together to make both people Happy. When having trouble agreeing on how to spend money, visit financial counselor. This service is often free of charge, and it is well worth the effort to get advice from neutral third party.

What is expectations

Expectations play a major role in how easily couples adjust to differences in money management styles. Some families have discussion before making a major purchase and plan for big expenses like vacation, but others do not. If one partner came from a family that discussed money issues and the other did not, there expectations can differs significantly. Conflicting expectations can lead to constant disagreement over how many is spent. Expectations come from observing family rules about money. All families have rules. Partners can discuss what the rules were in their family growing up.

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