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Six part-time work you can work from

Whether you’re a stay at home parent just looking for flexible hours to work when the kids are asleep or a full-time employee with a 9-5 wanting some extra cash to Todd at your debt snowball, try some of these best work-from home jobs to help you reach your goals.

And whatever yours goals are, just make sure you’re using your income to help move the needle. Don’t use the extra cash to fund your star war action figure collection (cool as that might be). Instead be intentional about putting the debt or saving up your emergency fund.

1. Tutor

A tutor teaches students a certain skill or subject using online video conferencing.
When you hear the word tutor, you might think of the class valedictorian who stay, after school to tutor other kids in the library. But these days, anyone can work from home as online tutor and make decent money doing it.
A formal teacher or educator, anyone with specialized knowledge in a specific subject, or someone who finds way in helping others learn will feel fulfilled working as a tutor.

2. Social media manager

a social media manager helps clients keep up with and grows their social media accounts. This could range from replying to comments and direct messages, to creating a content and scheduling posts that drive engagement.
People will pay you to actually spend time on social media all day. oh yes, it’s true. But they’re paying you to manage their social media, not scroll your Instagram mindlessly. Big difference.
It’s perfect for someone who knows multiple social media platforms like the back of their hand, can generate and increase user interaction, and grow their clients platform will thrive doing this.

3: travel agent

do you dream of mapping out a Disney vacation with highlighted itineraries for each member of your family? Put your passion for travel and organization to work by being a virtual travel agent!
If you are a super organized person who can plan vacations itineraries and researches the best prices on flight, hotels and entertainment. Not for your own selves but for someone else vacation.

4. Transcribtionist

this work-from-home job involves transcribing things like medical notes from doctor’s, courts sessions, professors lectures and even closed captioning from television! If you have a accurate (and quick) typing skills, the ability to listen to or watch audio or video files and even type up what you hear. Sometimes they even do it in real time for broadcasts like sporting events. Or award shows.

5. Visual assistant

You’re a creative who craves designing different types of work for a braoad range of clients. Working for the same company years might not offer you that, but calling your own shots as a virtual graphic designer sure can.

People with high-powered jobs can be pretty disorganized. They often need someone to help them take care of the tasks they don’t want to do, thanks to all that, a job exists for you: virtual assistant. If you are highly organized and thrive on multitasking and helping someone else stay on schedule will dig this hole.

6. Freelancers writter

the pen is mightier than the sword, so put that pen (or keyboard) to work slicing and dicing up some content! As a freelance writer. You write on a variety of topics for your clients. The work can vary from writting content to editing to research and fact-checking. You just have to get a lot of flexibility to get the work finished during whatever time is best for them. As long as you meet the deadline.

The difference between passive income and jobs you can do from home.
Sometimes passive income and jobs you do from home get confused for the same things but they’re two different things altogether.
Building passive income happens when you can do something a few times, set it, forget it, and let it passively make money, think something like renting out items, or even investing. Passive income is great but it alot different from the job you can do from home.

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