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Four simple  ways to increase sales and get your Business flourishing

In the old days, customers used to have to accept the risk of buying something from you. The buyer has to accept the risk that what they are paying money for might not suit there need, they them hope that it might or might not work.

But the worst of it is that most business today, haven come to realized that those days were people took risk to do business with you were long gone. Customers now are more smarter wiser and have gathered alot of information.

Whatever it maybe that is creating some level of risk on the part of your customer, whether it maybe. Bad customer service or customer unfriendly practice, those rough stuff might be killing your business unawarely. Even though what you are selling is dog “food” I think you can’t sell it to dogs. So you have to create a environment that can suitably attract and retain your customers.

1. Create a magic experience for them:

Magic experience can leave a lasting and positive impression on your business. It can make people want to do business with you again. When you give customers value in excess of what they felt they deserved or paid for, you have created a magic experience.

E.g, a health and fitness center that provides towels, babysitting, and fully stocked showers and dressing rooms, all free of charge. What’s more, it staffs bring patroons cold, purified water while they are working out. They stop for chat, not about exercise but about life and things they have discovered interest you. When you leave they offer to wash your work out clothes and have then clean and ready for you the next visit. Free of charge, would you pay little more to work out there?

Or a restaurant that gives a free drink and snacks to all patrons who are waiting for a table. Staff regularly bring out samples if it’s entrees and desert. Offering them to those who are waiting. Not only does this keep happy when waiting, but it encourages the sale of items patrons rarely order.

All business can find a way to produce their magic experience. How you do this depends on you and the type of business you’re in. Brainstorm ideas that fit your friends and customers.

2. Sit faces to faces with those that don’t buy from  you

Become a customer one day by putting your leg into your customer shoe. You’ll be happy to know that there is a single, powerful step you can take to find out exactly what your customer want. Go out and sit face to face with your customers, first target those peoples that have come in contact with your business and doesn’t buy from you. Discover the reasons they don’t buy, and then address then creatively.

Don’t be the type that doesn’t here badnews or complain. Or don’t want to bother there customer.

Even thou all they may have to say is wrong the fact that you are there listening may create a positive light to them about your company. And customer and those that has refused buying from you. Who will give you feelback and feedback help you stand a greater chance in improvement. And meeting there need. And also asking questions like!

  • What did you like about our competition that you feel we could adopt?
  • While did you choose not to purchase from us this time?

When you take time to ask customers such questions. They see your company has company that cares and is really out for there customers.

3. Know that new customers cost more.

“Market is no longer about a market share but about the share of a single customer”

Wasting money attracting new customer through advertising constantly without ensuring that the customer repeat purchase can’t be a qreat way to increase profit.

Though it is the only option for new start-up, but onced it has been achieved, your effort should went through having them repeat sales upto 10 to 25 times. Because it costs you more than six time on average to get new customer than do business with existing customer.

“Remember, a customer who has done Business with you is likely to be happy with you and feel comfortable”

Published by Godfreykuma

Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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