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Why did people choose security over freedom? Proven path to get a secured financial future.

As one sage said, we are “laying up treasure were moth and rust corrupt,” that’s how depending solely on money economy to meet your needs actually is!  It’s all together a risky business. If we think that money equals wealth or security or success you will be at the mercy of those economic and monetary forces.

Think about a economy which job is hard to find. Manufacturing, tech, and even service jobs have migrated to lower wage countries and even advanced degrees  no longer assure a secure position.

Credit-card debt of the average U.S consumer is over $3,000 and of the average household over $8.000! That’s not even counting the over $5.000 of mortgage and auto debt. More Americans now declared bankruptcy than graduate from college. We have spent every penny and taken advantage of debt limits on multiple cards and during the market and housing bubbles, used home equity loans and subprime mortgages to keep creditors at bay.

Advertising bombarding us from every side. The billboards has gone digital with flashing light and eye catching movement. Plummet ads are now on the seats of shopping carts, on floors of supermarkets and pouring into our email inbox. Why we are each bearing the responsibility of keeping our wallet zipped, temptations to overspend is every where and since we don’t have enough energy to resist the temptation will get cast up spending with our credit cards. Forgetting that it’s not our money, it’s borrowed and must be paid back.

Cooperations are now shifting from “defined benefit” (guarantees monthly payments based on salary and years of service paid by the cooperation for the rest of your life) to “defined contribution” (an amount of your money you can put into your retirement account) risk are transferred from the cooperation to the worker.

According to the US bureau of labor statistics, only 21 percent of workers in the private sector has define benefit pension. As a result there are grave concern, about the ability of seniors to financially afford the prolonged lifespan afforded us by the medicare.

Greatest money change

Over the years things have gone out of order. And the average American is not aware about. Not knowing that since Nixon took our currency off the gold standard in 1971. There has been no gold or collateral you can convert your Money into. It is  “flat currency” -flat has in faith. It is heldup just by the faith we all have in it been worst something.

Because of this depending sorely on a money economy to meet your needs is a actually risky business.

The government will take care of you

You have to understand that most of the government financial policy towards you. Are not favourable at all, and there are also bad financial advice on the air. Some of it aren’t nearly has beneficial. The lowest kind assures people that the government will take care of them, This is what people counting on social security and medicare has been lead to believe. The problem is that the US government is the biggest debtor in the world and those solely depending on it will be trap.

Those who will succeed in the future will be entrepreneurs who understand how quickly business and money are changing, and who have the ability and flexibility to quickly change and adapt.”

Robert kiyosaki

For you to have a secure financial future, you need to be in charge of your financial life. Don’t trust any government or any expert work it out for you.

The only answer. Entrepreneurship

It’s true that will where all programmed to be employer. “Go to school, get a good job, so that you can find a secure job” but how can this be true when all the high paying jobs  have migrated oversea. And when you are the one to contribute to your retirement. What if the market crashed has it happened In  2007 and you lost all your savings. What will it turn out to be?

It’s true that there’s a difference between the mentality of a serial employee versus a serial entrepreneur. And you don’t have to quite your job to be one. All you need is to began thinking like and entrepreneur.

Success and lasting financial security can’t come through your traditional 9-5. But rather it’s attributed to your abilities, hardworking and a entrepreneurial spirit. Not from traditional education and luck or social connections and cutting corner.

Those time when you see the word as scarce wasteland with no hope are far gone. You need a brand new perception of the world. Began seeing opportunities all around you.

Entrepreneurs have tax incentive

Very few people know that the largest taxes people pay are called “consumption” taxes. That means that the people that consumes the most pay the highest taxes on the flip side, then the entrepreneurs stimulate the economy by creating things to consume. Our taxes laws then reward producers with tax incentive and tax breaks. This a great reason to know that government want you to be a entrepreneur(producer) not just a consumer.

Differences between an entrepreneur and a employee mindset.


  • Values, security and guarantee steady paycheck.
  • Dreadfully fear of making mistakes.
  • Higher paycheck and job promotions.


  • Getting paid for solving problems.
  • A willingness to make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Knowing that result is what counts no matter how much or how little it takes.
  • A driven by purposes, passion and mission.

Being a employee cost you more than being a entrepreneur, not to mention that a employee income is generally lowered and there taxes is higher. And that same time entrepreneur are rewarded by the government for with higher taxes break and incentives. Why? Because producers stimulate the economy by giving option to the employee.

And why doesn’t everyone become entrepreneurs? I strongly believe that the difference between the rich entrepreneur and the poor employee is mindset. But the goodness is those mindset can

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Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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