Why customer experience is vital to business overall success.

According to adobe 2020 digital trends report, the majority of companies stated that their key focus this year was on customer experience. CX was ranked higher than content marketing, video marketing and even social media marketing. It’s really no surprise, considering that focusing on customer experience can vastly increase a company bottom line.

In an interview with CNN’s Jeff bezos gave the recipe for creating a successful global company, saying, “if there’s one thing Amazon.com is about, it’s an obsessive attention to the customer experience end-to-end”

Amozon is known for delivering unmatched customer experience and making it’s clients happy. The number one online retailer. Has been innovating in the industry for more than 20 years using advanced technology to create the ultimate shopping experience from highly tailored recommendations to effective delivery strategies.

According to Adam hasaik, for example, founder of Access jet group, one of the easiest was to Improve customer experience is to give client options and comfort. “There’s nothing restrictive about what we offer to our client. He explains on the companies website. ” therefore. We secure there business repeatedly, we give traveling clients, maximum convenience and comfort. They can hail a charter flight, choose the jet size, and select among add-ons  such as sleeping quarters and cabin hosts.

Access jet puts the client in drivers seat, which increase customer satisfaction and reduces complaints.  The results are increased loyalty and positive reviews. Better yet satisfied customers becomes advocates of a brand. Such as they make recommendations and spread the word about accompany quality service.

What really is customer experience.

We have heard a lot about how companies has used this power tool to get there business flourished, then what really is customer experience. According to Forbes, it explains customer experience as the perception the customer has of your brand. And customer experience are one thing, if the customer perceived it as something else. That is what the actual customer experience is. You may think you have high quality products and a strong customer experience, but if a customer get a broken experience that’s not fixed, their perception of your company as lower quality then becomes the reality.

Customer experience (CX) is everything to a small business. Just take a moment to look at these stats.

  • Companies that made experience a priority were three times more likely than their peers to have significantly exceeded business goals in 2019.
  • Forty two percent of consumers worldwide will pay more for a friendly welcoming experience. In the U.S, 65 percent of customers believe a positive Experience with a brand is more important than good advertising.
  • CX drives more than two thirds of customer loyalty, outperforming brand and priced combined.

Customer experience is an integral part of customer relationship management (CRM), and the reason why it’s important is because a customer who has a positive experience with a business is more likely to become a repeat and loyal customer.

The happier you are with a brand the longer you will stay with them. And so if you treat your customers poorly and ignore their customer service emails. Then you are more likely to leave. This is why companies that deliver a superior customer service and experience outperform their competition.

Consider what would happen if a company hired employees for its stores and call centers that were apathetic about the service and didn’t really want to be there, they would lead customers to perceive that the brand is lazy and doesn’t care about their business on the other hand. A company that hires passionate people and trains then to love the product will shine.

Better customer experience start with employee.

Will have all seen how vital customers is crucial- but don’t forget that it all start with employees.

Companies spend millions to improve employees experience and engagement. They are struggling to see any consistent return from their investment. How bad is it? A Gallup study found that %7 of employees worldwide are not engaged.

In fact, a 5 percent increase in employee engagements has been shown to lead to a 3 percent jump in revenue. And companies with happy employees also see $1 percent higher customer satisfaction. Knowing that its no surprise employee satisfaction is a priority for many?

So many companies struggle with employee engagement because creating an employee-centric culture requires more just a competent HR department. It depends on more than compensation and even office perks and vacation time. There’s a highly emotional component to fully engaging employees. It requires an investment in each individuals personal and professional development alongside investment in business has a whole.

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  1. I think content marketing and customer experience go hand-in-hand. The marketing allows the user to begin generating an idea of what their experience will be. If it’s good, well-targeted marketing, they’re more likely to have a positive experience.

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