Reasons people become entrepreneur and why you have to.

Steve jobs, the late tech leader who started Apple in a garage and grew it to be the dominant tablet, smartphone, and computer community it is today.

Bill gates, the Microsoft creator and founder, who has often been listed as he world wealthiest individual a global leader on pandemic and how to handle them.

Elon musk, who founded spacex and has become known for putting the billions of dollar of his company has earned him toward projects including, providing clean water to flint, Michigan, and donation FDA approved ventilators to hospitals fighting covid 19.


  1. I swear you just gave me essay points on the topic. I was so stuck and did not know what to do, or do any research because I am down with a cold. So reading this just boosted me like the way caffeine does the mind.
    A big thank you to you my friend.
    Signed off with a clown smile 🙂 🙂

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