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Four marketing plan, every small business most embraced.

The worst thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to, get only a Good product.

If all you have is a Good product. You won’t reach that far as an entrepreneur. Because of the vast competition in every industry and on every trade. Every seasonal entrepreneur that is obsessed to succeed in today’s highly competitive market place need more than a Good product.

Every entrepreneur has to understand that marketing is one of the most important part of any small business, and it’s especially important for new startup. An effective marketing plan, one that helps you identify the marketing activities that have the highest return on investment. Can often be the difference between small business that thrives and the one that dwindles.

But at most times, I found out that most small business are challenge with lack of funds. When you’re new or small business that doesn’t have the funds or other resources for a full-scale marketing plan, what’s there to do?

Actually you can do a lot with what you have, lack of fund don’t have to be an excuse. This guide we help you put a small business marketing strategy in place without breaking your budget.

What is a marketing plan.

An hour planning can save you hours of doings.

An effective marketing plan helps a company understand it’s target market and competitions, the impact and results of marketing decisions, and it provides for future initiatives.

There is nothing as frustrating as running a marketing campaign without any result or the desire result. Has Robert kiyosaki, in is book “investment guide” defines an “investment as a plan….” That is what marketing is, it is a plan to get your business from were it is, to were you want it to be.

And a marketing plan helps outlines a business specific marketing strategy and includes concrete actions to be taken and anticipated results marketing plans serve as roadmaps for companies to execute and measure the marketing efforts result over a specific period.

And there are several types of marketing plans. Including

1. Content marketing:

Content marketing as a marketing strategy can be valuable to educate your target audience and help them get excited about your business. It is the process of creating and sharing valuable free content to attract prospects and convert them into customers. The goal is to educate, entertain and inspire people to earn there trust and build brand awareness.

Because content marketing can take so many forms. And speak to so many audiences and buyer personas there are endless possibility to what your content can look like.

  • Webinars: webinars can help educate your target Audience and form a deeper, more personal connection with customers.
  • Posting blog post regularly: this can help you connect with customers and potential customers at any stage of the customer journey.
  • Interactive tools: interactive tool can showcase what your product has to offer, or simply serve as a way to engage your target market.
  • Landing pages: good landing page content can be crucial to helping site visitors understand your products or service, see the value, and want to learn more.
  • Rich media (videos and podcasts): rich media is a popular way to interact with your target audience, and can be used across marketing strategies including. Seo, social, and ppc strategies.
  • Downloadable content: (ebooks, templates) gated downloadable content can work well to attracts prospect at the top or middle of the funnel.

2. Social media marketing:

Social !media marketing is a powerful way for business of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. It includes activities like posting text and images updates, videos and other content that drives audience, engagement, as well as paid social media advertising.

And with so many social media platforms available, and more popping up everyday, it’s important to know which ones will actually benefits your business.

It’s essential to focus your efforts. And so you should only choose one, maybe two social media platforms to interact on. If you went on choosing more than one social media without someone to delegate task to, you’re spreading yourself too thin. And your message will be lost. Let’s take a more indept look into some of our more popular social medias.

a. Facebook.

Facebook is a casual and friendly environment. Because of the huge presence of active visitors everyday. And you have to start by creating a Facebook business fan page. Facebook is a great way to really talk with your customer base in real time. When you post something. Its open for people to leave comments. Raise concerns and start conversations, as a business owner. You’ll be able to jump right into those threads and converse with your customers on topic that are important to them. Share ideas, photos and updates about your business with the goal to create a more personal relationship with your audience.

b. Twitter.

Twitter is the social media marketing tool that let’s you broadcast your updates across the web. Follow Tweeter’s in your industry or related fields. And you should get a steady steam of follower’s in return.

Twitter for business can be a great leverage tool  because unlike facebook its primary focus isn’t to start a conversation. Or unlike Instagram is primary focus isn’t photos. But many business had get success on twitter with there witty comebacks to customers as well as competitors. Think of fast food chains ribbing on each other about the quality of their representative burgers. Twitter is a little more casual than Facebook and lends itself well to quick notes about your business.

c. YouTube.

YouTube is the number one place for creating and sharing video contents. And it can also be an incredible  marketing tool, detailing cars and making soap have gone viral because they are satisfying to watch and the end results is worth sticking around for. Look into channels of other business in your industry to quage how  well they’re doing on the platform and help you decide if it worth pursuing.

d. Instagram.

If you use your Instagram page to market your business, it’s important to be consistent in your posting habits. Thinks about the layout and look at your grind and have photos at the ready so you aren’t scrambling for content. Being prepared will let your customers know that you are about the way that you are about the way to present your business and lead to a higher-quality Instagram page. This can all increase the number of people who want to follow you,  and engage with your content. Instagram also allows for influencer marketing, which can be a  big benefit for the type of industry.

3. Paid marketing (paid-per-click).

Today, pay-per-click marketing is commonly used by a variety of businesses and organizations. Ranging from smaller companies selling goods, to political campaigns hoping to raise awareness about a issue.

If you want to grow your online visibility, drive traffic, generate leads. And increase sales. Pay-per-click (ppc) can help you accomplish all of those things.

What is ppc.

Pay-per-click is a digital advertising model where a business pays an ad publisher for every user click of their advertisement. There is no cost for placing the ads. The cost only incurred when users engaged with the ads.

If you are trying to branch out into a new target Audience or just gain a larger customer base, this could be a great channel to explore it’s essentially the opposite of organic traffic; but with the amount of use search engines get, it has the potential to increase our business potentially.

4. Emails marketing.

Email is a vital part of digital marketing, as allow you to communicates with those who have purposely signed up to receive communications from you. Whether that’s a newsletter, discounts or general information. However, its easy for people to get scammed through email, so design your emails in a way that let’s people know its actually you sending them.

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