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Push through your fear to achieve financial freedom.

  • We fear of not having enough, and we fear being ostracized. The fear of not having enough causes us to work harder and harder. The fear of ostracized causes us to keep up with the Joneses. All often the same.

Every successful businessperson I know took risks and put plans into action in order to reach the top. Sure, they were scared, but their desire to reach their goals surpassed that fear. There are so many opportunities available to you-especially in the world of investing and entrepreneurship, that once you let the fear go, you’ll wonder why you didn’t take action sooner!

As Oprah Winfrey says “whatever you fear most has no power-it is your fear that has the power.” It may be failure, but whatsoever power failure may have in our life’s, we personally give room to it, and let it paralyzed us from moving forward and making the changed. Because most people are risk adverse and want to avoid embarrassing mistakes or painful lessons. But that quite different from what successful people did. Successful people want to reach there goal than they fear failure.

Fear holds you back from reaching our dreams, from growing both personally and professionally, from reaching your true potential and from living the best of life.

Stuck in a rut.

The old adage “stuck in a rut” refers to how deer will take the same path to water from the woods over and over again, creating a rut over years. But if they find that the path is dangerous, they will find a new path in the same way. We often get in the Ruth of safety and security. When this happened will don’t change and will don’t grow rather we atrophy.

If you want to grow to be more than you are, you need a little fear to shake things up and set you on a different path.

The result is the same.

When it comes to money to me the power of money is often rooted in fear. We fear not having enough, and we fear being ostracized. The fear of not having enough causes us to work harder and Harder. The fear of being ostracized causes us to try and keep up with the Joneses. All too often, the result is the same. You no what? The American dream turn to American nightmare.

Fear of ostracized.

You might has hear this story again and again. Recently married, a happy-educated young couple move into a cramped, rented apartment, they realized they are saving money because two can live as cheaply as one. For a while they are happy.

Then, the apartment begins to feel cramped. They see friends moving into homes and having kids. They decide to save money to buy their dream home so they can have kids too. They now have two incomes, and they begin to focus on their careers they make a lot more money, but their expenses go up as well.

As the young couples income goes up, there taxes burdens rises- and when they buy their dream home. They incur property taxed- additionally, they also buy a new car. New furniture and new appliances to match the new house. Their liabilities column goes up and is full of mortgage and credit card debt.

They are now trapped in the rat race. Soon they have a baby and work harder to make ends meet. A credit card comes in the mail, and they max it out trying to stay afloat. A consumer credit agency calls and promises to help them consolidate their debt into one low payment. They do it. Pay off their credit cards and feel like they’ve done the smart thing. They breathe a sigh of relief.

Then their friends invite them to the mail for the memorial day sale. The young couple promises themselves they won’t buy anything, but they bring the credit card just in case.

Guess what????? Their fear of been ostracized, turns there american dream to american nightmare.

Face your fear.

If you didn’t do well in school, or if you were not the most popular, or you’re not good at math, or whatever other reasons you have to sell yourself short- none of it matters in the long run. Those so called shortcomings only count if you think they count.

You must know how money works and how you work. (By understanding your motivation, desire, and dream, and not cutting it short because of fear) stay true to them even when it means going against the Joneses. You must trust in yourself and not pay attention to others around you. What they value and how they value you.

Never run from what you know you need to learn. Even though you may not be good at it take time to develop, learn what you know you need to learn. Face your fear and doubt and a new world will open for you.

Push through your fear.

Because fear is uncomfortable, no one wants to stay stuck-in it. When you fear, you make a decision either you’ll push through the fear and accomplish more than you ever expected, or you’ll back down and return to what is comfortable. In either case it forces you into a decision. The goodness is that if you understand the dynamic of fear, you have power over it.

We’ll really appreciate to hear a respond from you in form of comments. Wish you success.

Published by Godfreykuma

Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

4 thoughts on “Push through your fear to achieve financial freedom.

  1. Godfrey, good post. As an almost 62 year old fart, I selected a piece of your emboldened theme to start the piece – “The fear of ostracized causes us to keep up with the Joneses.”

    A key word of advice to all people who feel they must spend to buy things. Ask yourself do you really need this? Will it make you happier if you have it? There is a great documentary movie called “I Am” by an action movie director. He wrote it after he realized that buying the biggest of houses, he was not happy.

    The movie speaks with religious, spiritual, psychological and medical folks and the conclusion that is revealed – money does not make you happy; however, the absence of money does make you unhappy. Once you have enough to put a roof over your heads and feed your family, there is diminishing marginal return to more money. And, more things.

    I thought this might help. So, don’t keep up with the Jones. And, if you don’t like the above argument, there is book that might interest you called “The Millionaire Next Door.” It is about the person who spent wisely and saved. Keith

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  2. Hi Godfrey Kuma,
    just created my new website on
    I also want to create a portal for financial literacy!
    Our mission is to educate (young) people in financial topics.
    Everybody should be free and lead a life in financial freedom!
    Maybe we can join forces!


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