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Seven harsh truth about blogging you haven’t heard

Maybe you have a friend that has tried this blogging thing and it doesn’t work. Or do you already have a blog that you have been posting on for months and no traffic or discussion of making money?

You are not alone, whatever your present situation may be on this blogging journey, just squeeze to this post.

So, if you’re stuck wondering, whether you should start a blog or not, or have just started a blog and are not seeing results, I want you to take a deep, deep breath and just relax.

It’s completely normal to not know where your blog is going or to wonder if it will all work out.

I’m not here to bring down your hopes and/or discourage you from blogging. But instead, show you a few realistic expectations from starting a blog and growing it from scratch and show you how a few ways you can cope.

This post we the discuss in three segments

Three harsh truths about why bloggers failed.
Three harsh truths about why bloggers don’t get traffic
Three harsh truths about why bloggers don’t make money.
Once you understand what to expect along the way, you’ll be better prepared to tackle these little obstacles and blog more effectively.

So, let’s begin with a few harsh truths most bloggers fail

Reasons most bloggers failed. (quite)

  1. Your Mindset Is: I’ll Give This A Try For 3 Months And If It Doesn’t Work I’ll Give Up
    To me, this is the #1 reason, bloggers failed. Because with this mindset you’ve already failed.

If that’s where your mindset is, it’s basically like you already gave up. 

Because if you put that in your head, you’re already giving yourself that excuse and that reason to give up. 

I see so many people doing this. 

They give it a go for a few weeks. They post consistently for a little while. They don’t see results right away and they just give up.

After some bunch of months, they repeat the same process. Not seeing sustainable results they quit.

  1. You lack persistence: when we dey start coming
    So many people get really excited to launch their blog and they start posting a few blog posts. They’re not getting any views or maybe they’re getting like 10 views here and there. 

And then they feel really disappointed and feel like giving up. 

If you’ve posted, say, 3 blog posts or 5 blog posts and you are really disappointed because you’re not getting any views yet, then what you need is more patience. 

The thing is you need to build quite a big portfolio of blog posts in order to get constant results in time, as in months and years. 

In time, this actually happens passively. 

You’re going to start getting traffic and earning money passively from your blog, but that takes a long time of working on your blog. 

It’s not something that happens after 3 blog posts. 

  1. They stop making research:
    Whatever niche you decide to blog in, you need to be on top of things always.

No one was born with that knowledge they write daily, but day to day they keep making research. Reading other blogs,

I read an average of two blog posts daily. You can afford to shoot back and wonder why ideas do not come out. You need to find it, and hustle it

For Instance you are Blogger that teaches young women how to build online businesses that stand out from the norm.”

Aside from this, you will need to constantly research on blogging and business because the rules change every day.

Whether it comes to SEO, traffic, and/or content marketing, it’s good to constantly read and familiarize yourself with this line of work.

The reason most bloggers don’t get traffic

  1. You’ll have to niche down
    Choosing a “niche” is unpalatable for many new bloggers for several reasons.

To begin with, humans are multi-passionate people, and we like to talk about all manner of topics.
Choosing just one thing to blog about for the rest of time can feel restrictive.
That’s why so many new bloggers end up going with a vague “lifestyle blog” and write about ten different, essentially unrelated topics.

For example, I’ve come across so many blogs that write about fashion, recipes, fitness, parenting, and travel all on one site.

But it’s not an effective strategy because:
You’re not positioning yourself as an “expert” in any one field which gives you less credibility.

It’s much harder to build an engaged email list because your subscribers’ interests will be all over the map.
Google won’t really know what your site is about, and your posts are less likely to show up in the SERPs.
It’s like entrepreneur Meredith Hill says:

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.”
But choosing a specific niche poses a problem for many new bloggers because it can take time to figure out “your thing.”

The good news is, that it’s okay to start with a slightly broader niche and then rein it in as you discover what resonates most with your audience.

  1. Building that traffic takes a Dawn long time.
    This is another harsh truth about blogging that you need to let it soaked in.

If SEO is your marketing strategy, it will take months of blogging consistent, quality content before Google pays your site the tiniest bit of attention.

Even if you have a solid social media strategy, it will take a long time to build up an audience.

I blogged my heart out for 11 months before I had enough traffic to monetize with my previous blog with ads ads. It was even longer before I was made any sales through affiliate links.

  1. You don’t post enough & you don’t do it consistently.

Blogging is about building relationships with your audience. So if you post on your blog for 2 weeks and you’re like “peace out” the next 2 months, it doesn’t give your audience a chance to build a relationship with you. Every time you post, it gives your readers more reason to visit your blog again because they want to be updated with the latest tips.

And then from a technical perspective, Google favors blogs that publish new & fresh content. If your blog is stagnant, your rank on Google will be stagnant.

You’ll learn how to create even better content each post you publish. So, if you were to post 1x a week, the quality of your content will be much better after 2 months. Not only that, but you’ll also get a better idea of the kind of content your audience likes. Because you have that experience of publishing content they didn’t like, content they kind of liked, and content they ABSOLUTELY LOVED.

Three harsh truths about why bloggers don’t make money

  1. You must know how to make money, to make money.
    This happens on any platform. 

Even if you have an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, whatever it may be. 

If you don’t know how to monetize it, you’re just not going to make money

That’s just the truth of it. So many people feel like once they’re starting to get traffic, money will magically fall into the bank.

But unless you have a clear idea of how you’re going to monetize that traffic, that income won’t just come with traffic. 

  1. Remember a blog is a business
    As a blogger, that service is usually providing information that helps your audience solve a problem.

If you aren’t writing for someone (i.e., a specific audience), people aren’t going to find you, or if they do stumble upon your blog, they’re not going to stick around.

Anytime you write anything, you need to ask yourself: who is this helping and how?

Think like an SEO — what answers are people searching for? What kind of things do you search for on google?
If you always put your audience first and create killer blog posts that help them, you will find your people!

  1. What works is constantly changing.
    It’s also important to stay current on all the algorithm changes on Google, Pinterest, or wherever else you’re getting traffic from.

Because One of the most frustrating things about blogging is what worked last month might not work next month.

Affiliate programs come and go; your top earner last week may never make another cent next week. Or, partners can cut your commissions at the drop of a hat, (like the Amazon Associates commissions cull of April 2020).

Display ads pay more at certain times of the year than others, and recent privacy concerns over third-party cookies may completely change how display ads work in the future.

Topic popularity trends and wanes. For example, my home fitness blog exploded in 2020 with the pandemic, but all the travel bloggers took a massive hit on income because no one was leaving their houses.

To bring it home. Why blogging is still a lucrative side hustle. It doesn’t take off Immediately.

Like any other entrepreneurial endeavor, those who keep at it succeed.

Published by Godfreykuma

Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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