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How building a beta version of your product get you bound for success as a first-time entrepreneur. (Maximum viable product)

Launching a startup isn’t a fairytale! Unrealistic from-zero-to-hero movies and books have done more harm than good to the startup founders. Okay, you’re a first time entrepreneur, you’re just getting started, congratulations, you’ve taken the first and most difficult step… getting started! Amazing! Now, I can almost read your mind… I can anticipate the mistakeContinue reading “How building a beta version of your product get you bound for success as a first-time entrepreneur. (Maximum viable product)”

17 things to do in your 20s not to regret in your 30s and 40s

Your 20s is a very important stage of life that’s often ignored by many, some waste it , some poorly use it. But to Create a richer life for yourself. You need to do this 17 things. The world is divided in two types of people: People who wait for others to give them permission to doContinue reading “17 things to do in your 20s not to regret in your 30s and 40s”

Five insane ways to develop a CEO mindset.

When it comes to our small business, we don’t always have a CEO mindset. We can quickly & easily get caught up in an employee mindset. An employee mindset is one that is focused on the single job at hand – we have on blinders, but not in a good way. We’re down in the trenches ofContinue reading “Five insane ways to develop a CEO mindset.”

What is the big picture, are you seeing the big picture for your business

The simple truth is that in order to move from meager growth to exponential growth, you’ve got to think big. Allow yourself to envision a time in the not-so-distant future — Understanding how to see the big picture can help you prioritize effectively, set better goals and improve time management. By developing a complete perspective ofContinue reading “What is the big picture, are you seeing the big picture for your business”

six things that make me leave your blog fast

Every blog needs visitors, and those visitors need the best experience, or they may leave for good. Why everyone visitors to your blog have different intents. It’s quite bad when they leave unsatisfied. That’s their expectations are not met. Or they meet a bad experience on the way. It may not be that your contentContinue reading “six things that make me leave your blog fast”

Seven harsh truth about blogging you haven’t heard

Maybe you have a friend that has tried this blogging thing and it doesn’t work. Or do you already have a blog that you have been posting on for months and no traffic or discussion of making money? You are not alone, whatever your present situation may be on this blogging journey, just squeeze toContinue reading “Seven harsh truth about blogging you haven’t heard”

Five mindsets of successful bloggers you need to start developing today

I believe that one thing set a successful blogger from a average blogger, and that is mindset. I’ve seen many that have been successful blogs on the side of why having a full-time job and demeaning family. To some, it was hard, some were working two jobs a day. And still went through all oddsContinue reading “Five mindsets of successful bloggers you need to start developing today”

online tools you can use to delegate tasks

I get it. Your startup is your baby and you’re used to doing everything on your own. As your team grows, you naturally continue to feel like you need to have your hand in everything, from making UX decisions to paying electricity bills. But this is where the long line of startup delegation mistakes begins.Continue reading “online tools you can use to delegate tasks”

becoming your own boss with this six steps

Being your own boss is thrilling. You have the weight of the world on your shoulders, but you also have the boundless freedom to soar wherever you’d like. When you’re the boss, you get to call all the shots—but you also have all the responsibility. Mess up at your 9-to-5, and you’ll likely get loadsContinue reading “becoming your own boss with this six steps”

been your own boss for good: most have traits for entrepreneurs

You can be your own boss, but we want you to know what you’re getting into. It’s not just money, sports cars, and champagne toasts. It’s highs, lows, celebrations, and disappointments. It’s a journey. Entrepreneurs and business owners are often stereotyped as always traveling the world, flying first class, sipping cocktails on the beach, orContinue reading “been your own boss for good: most have traits for entrepreneurs”

How do you measure the success of product launch?

You don’t know if a launch was successful without quantifiable metrics. While every business will have different KPIs, these metrics are some of the most common metrics that will give you a sense of whether or not your product launch was a success. Our latest: How to generate the best e-commerce products idea Revenue: You’ll knowContinue reading “How do you measure the success of product launch?”

starting your business from home successfully

To me, one of the strongest word in English language is this four words. “Be your own boss” nothing give more meaning and freedom to your life than it. Especially when you are running the venture from home. But many aspiring entrepreneurs are met with a rude awakening upon launching their endeavors. Not only areContinue reading “starting your business from home successfully”

Side hustle for doctors? Why they need one?

Doctors of today are sandwiched between the rising cost of acquiring their degree and the falling remuneration as medicine gets more corporatised with each passing year. We’re witnessing increased burnout and decreased satisfaction. According to Medscape’s 2019 National Physicians, Burnout and Depression Report more than 40% of physicians and 50% of female physicians are burnedContinue reading “Side hustle for doctors? Why they need one?”

Want to master entrepreneurship? Keep reading.

Want to master entrepreneurship? Keep reading for my secrets on how I “did it all” (effortlessly) and built my company with ZERO funding. Just kidding. I hope you know me better than that. Let’s get serious: There isn’t a post from an expert that can solve all the challenges of running a business. There isContinue reading “Want to master entrepreneurship? Keep reading.”

business basics all freelancers need to master

I’ve seen freelancers full of talents, and still getting it hard to earn a living off there creative skills. Why? They think only there professional skills can get the job done. No, If you’re going to be a successful freelancer you need to be able to manage your own career like any other business. ,Continue reading “business basics all freelancers need to master”

6 ways to keep your side hustle startup cost low with a bit frugality

we all know every side hustle demands a bit financial commitment. And lack of money and time has been the number one and two reason many has forfeited there desire for freedom by having there own side hustle. expenses such as taxes, cost of goods, and anything you need to operate your new business. YouContinue reading “6 ways to keep your side hustle startup cost low with a bit frugality”