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Push through your fear to achieve financial freedom.

We fear of not having enough, and we fear being ostracized. The fear of not having enough causes us to work harder and harder. The fear of ostracized causes us to keep up with the Joneses. All often the same. Every successful businessperson I know took risks and put plans into action in order toContinue reading “Push through your fear to achieve financial freedom.”

Protecting yourself against credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is all too commonplace,and identity thieves method can range from high-tech data breachers and internet scans to old-fashioned stolen mail.” It would be one thing if your young once use your credit card to order pizza without asking. (You can ground him). But what if something entirely different happen? Like a completeContinue reading “Protecting yourself against credit card fraud.”

How our belief shapes our desire of being financial free.

Ask Donald trump how easy it is for him to earn a million dollars and what do you think he would tell you? Pretty obvious, right? He’d tell you it’s the easiest thing in the world. You’d probably agree with me if I said that the average person believes it is extremely difficult to earnContinue reading “How our belief shapes our desire of being financial free.”

The best investment ever. (Yourselves) six tips for getting the best out of you.

Of course you and I can’t change everyone of the 7+ billion people on the planet, but there is one person will can change ourselves. During my years of studying and teaching financial education I found out that one sentence stand out in this field. Which is “getting more out of little” that is whatContinue reading “The best investment ever. (Yourselves) six tips for getting the best out of you.”