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business basics all freelancers need to master

I’ve seen freelancers full of talents, and still getting it hard to earn a living off there creative skills. Why? They think only there professional skills can get the job done. No, If you’re going to be a successful freelancer you need to be able to manage your own career like any other business. ,Continue reading “business basics all freelancers need to master”

Want to start a e-commerce store? All you need to know.

The foundation for ecommerce was created in 1979 by Michael Aldrich. He connected his television to a computer using his telephone line. While it was unlike ecommerce as we know it today, his idea sparked the idea of shopping without visiting a physical store. At the time, most people didn’t own computers. Bill Gates and SteveContinue reading “Want to start a e-commerce store? All you need to know.”

Ignoring financial problems won’t solved  your financial problem. Vital financial areas to give thought of.

There is a popular myth that ostriches bury  their head in the sand to avoid predators-that they are so stupid they believe if they can’t see the predator, the predator can’t see them. This actually is completely false. But popular myths are rarely based on fact, and “bury your head in the sand” is aContinue reading “Ignoring financial problems won’t solved  your financial problem. Vital financial areas to give thought of.”

Making some necessary adjustments to reached your financial goal. Some fact about money that financial nerds know.

You want to start a business or Invest in real estate, how serious are you? I’ve spend a lot of time in investment forums, I see almost the same question over and over again. “How can I start a business or invest in real estate with no money and Bad credit? How can I takeContinue reading “Making some necessary adjustments to reached your financial goal. Some fact about money that financial nerds know.”

Can cutting off your credit card cure your credit problem?

When you develop good habit around money, you’re allowing yourself to have a long-term plan. Is credit card the reason for this financial trap  an inside? Is the credit industry unfair to sign-up a credit card for your college child? Is the credit card industry, at the root of this debt riding society will areContinue reading “Can cutting off your credit card cure your credit problem?”

Protecting yourself against credit card fraud.

Credit card fraud is all too commonplace,and identity thieves method can range from high-tech data breachers and internet scans to old-fashioned stolen mail.” It would be one thing if your young once use your credit card to order pizza without asking. (You can ground him). But what if something entirely different happen? Like a completeContinue reading “Protecting yourself against credit card fraud.”

Start creating a richer life for yourself, by paying yourself first.

Most of the time it seems, we often fall into the trap of caring for others and forgetting to secure our own futures…or expecting someone else do it for us. From meeting deadlines of our jobs. Being there for the family, and striving to be the best, father, mother, or husband. However, you Don’t haveContinue reading “Start creating a richer life for yourself, by paying yourself first.”

Why did people choose security over freedom? Proven path to get a secured financial future.

As one sage said, we are “laying up treasure were moth and rust corrupt,” that’s how depending solely on money economy to meet your needs actually is!  It’s all together a risky business. If we think that money equals wealth or security or success you will be at the mercy of those economic and monetaryContinue reading “Why did people choose security over freedom? Proven path to get a secured financial future.”

The ultimate Budgeting guide

A budget is a plan. That’s all it is, and a plan is a detailed proposal for doing or achieving something. The word budget often gets a bum rap, people worry thinking it’ll be like putting a straitjacket on their spending. But budgeting doesn’t tell you not to spend, instead gives you the power toContinue reading “The ultimate Budgeting guide”

Five tips on how to improve your financial health

Like Physical health, financial health is fundamentally key to leading a happy and successful life. Less than 1 in 3 Americans are considered “financial healthy” that’s according to financial health network. Creating a sound financial present does more than alleviate current stress, it lays the foundation for a stable and secure financial future. While there’sContinue reading “Five tips on how to improve your financial health”

Three dangerous money mistakes you are making as parents

Raising a young child involves so many daily challenges that makes it’s likely you have little free time to think about your financial future. Which when done causes great damages to the later end of life and also your kids financial life when they grow-up. Now is the right time to check those money mistakesContinue reading “Three dangerous money mistakes you are making as parents”

Six part-time work you can work from

Whether you’re a stay at home parent just looking for flexible hours to work when the kids are asleep or a full-time employee with a 9-5 wanting some extra cash to Todd at your debt snowball, try some of these best work-from home jobs to help you reach your goals. And whatever yours goals are,Continue reading “Six part-time work you can work from”

4 ways to scope with student loan debt

The credit Industry actively entices all Comer’s especially the young and inexperienced, with the price of credit. Critics charge their aggressive practice borders on predatory spending, taking unfair advantage of those who shouldn’t be borrowing. With nearly trillions in unpaid consumer debt, a million household filling for bankruptcy each year (more or less, depending onContinue reading “4 ways to scope with student loan debt”

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Did you really know how to retire rich?

The assumption that, because you have your mortgage paid off, travel less, buy less, and live a less active lifestyle, you I’ll spend less when you retire is not true at all. According to an article on MarketWatch, “living to 100? That will be $3.5m,” the average money spent by age 50 is $1.5million andContinue reading “Did you really know how to retire rich?”

Couples and money: let’s talk about it;

All couples need to talk about money issues, such as who will pay the bills, what kind of checking accounts they will have (individual, joint, or both) which I much prefer to be joint. And how much personal spending will be allowed. Trouble handling money can caui stress in relationship and even lead to divorce.Continue reading “Couples and money: let’s talk about it;”

Road to financial freedom

72 percent of American families carry some king of debts. the majority of Americans will retire with less than $10,000 in annual income, and with little or no retirement savings. *average family carries a credit and debt of $4,000 from mouth to mouth. the average household has 10 credit cards (with an average interest rateContinue reading “Road to financial freedom”