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The simplest way to teach your kids entrepreneurship

You can teach your kids entrepreneurship, business knowledge is an art, not a science. It’s teachable. You could argue that they’re born with attributes that make them successful, like an open mind, drive, competitive spirit, or the ability to see the big picture. But what about the skills we develop over time, like creativity, courage, confidence, theContinue reading “The simplest way to teach your kids entrepreneurship”

Retire save, and retire rich.

In the united state health care costs have by every measure, outpaced inflactions and other budget items. For example; the average employee contribution to company-provided┬áhealth insurance has increase more than 143 percent since 2000 during that same period. Food cost are also soaring. According to a consumer finances survey, which the federal reserve conducts inContinue reading “Retire save, and retire rich.”