The basics of faith

We see in the book of Mark the story of jesus cursing the big tree, jesus and his disciples were on their way to Jerusalem when jesus cursed the fig tree because it didn’t have any fruit on it, the next day when they pass by the tree, Peter pointed out that it had withered and dried up from the root, jesus said to his disciples, “have faith in go” (mark11.22) or “have the faith of God.”

In essence jesus was saying “did you see what I did? I was able to do this through the God kind of faith, if you have this God’s kind of faith you will have the same result.”

After hearing this many Christian may say, “I want that kind of faith! Little do they know that, as Christians, they already have it, Roman 12:3 says “God hath dealt to everyman the measure of faith”

What’s big deal about faith?

Faith is the centre of our Christian beliefs, everything we received from God is through faith.

*We are save through faith.

“For by Grace are will saved through faith”(Ephesians2:8)

*you can’t live the Christian life without it

The just shall live by his faith”(heb2:4)

*it takes faith to please God

“Without faith it is impossible to please God”(heb11:6)

Faith is the only fight we are to fight.“fight the good fight of faith.”(1tim6:12)

All that jesus did on the cross through is death, burial, and resurrection is available to us through the Grace of God.


1.therefore being justified by faith we have peace with God through our Lord jesus Christ. whom also we have access, by faith in this Grace where in we stand.

*how do we have access to the Grace? through faith.

What faith is not

We can better understand faith by knowing what it is not. Faith is not a get rich quick scheme. It is not a panic button, faith is a life style of every Christian.

Living by faith does not mean you won’t have test and trails, the bible say “many are the affliction of the righteous, but the Lord deliver (us) out of them all” (ps34:19)NKJV” scriptures also promise God always cause us to triumph in Christ”(2cor2:14)

Our word dominated

Word are coins in the kingdom of faith, the moment you said “You couldn’t do something your were whipped. Failure hold you in bondage, when you talked failure. Talking lack stop money from coming to us. Fear and doubts and grew stronger when will speak words of fear and doubt.

What are will to say? We’re to speak the word. Scripture tells us to “hold fast our confession” (heb4:14NKJV), we have and enemy Satan who is against us, and our continually confession of the word enforced is defeat.

To keep us from gaining and upper hand, the devil tried to gain that confession from our mouths. He tried to make it looks like the word isn’t working, but as we long as we don’t quit speaking the word, we can’t be defeated, God’s word will get the work done.