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Sourcing great deals. How investors can find great real estate deals.

According to a recent research paper from the San francisco federal reserve. Real estate has historically generated rates of return comparable to stocks and equities with much lover volality.

Real estate returns are largely not correlation with stocks or bonds.

It’s true that more and more billionaires has amazed great wealth through real estate investment. Even Forbes magazine, confirmed that billionaires has amazed more wealth through real estates. But business stand on his own.

The combination of a consistent cash, stream, capital appreciation, and tax breaks has helped lay the foundation of great fortunes and stable retirements. But billionaires aren’t the only one who know how to invest in real estate. Every one else can do it. If only you learn how.

All start with finding the best deal.

Real estate can help you amaze great wealth, to retire at any age you wish. If only you are a sophisticated investor. And sophisticated investors were not born sophisticated. It take them years of study and experience, to turn another persons worst investment to a cash printing machine. All those billionaires has one thing in common that help them receive in those huge amount of passive income.

No matter your goals, your experience or where you you are in your journey, the first step to being a successful real estate investor is learning how to find and see the best deals in your local area. If you can do that, you’re well positioned for success, now and in the future.

One of the biggest differences between the “average” investor and those who has take is to the next level financially through real estate. Has been, knowing were to look. And seeing the right thing, both of us can look at same thing and see differently, depends on were our mind is! Because  you don’t just have to look when finding a deal, But seeing with your mind eyes.

Whether you will lost money on a property. Or make money, it all began with great deal. (An not saying is all but it’s the first step).

1. Consider buying a bank-foreclosed property.

A foreclosure is a home that’s under the control of a bank. People foreclosed on their homes when they can no longer make their payments. When someone fails to pay a mortgage payment for an extended period of time, the lender will ultimately repossess the home and remove the occupants. Once the home is empty. The lender generally list the home for sell in the market.

One undeniable benefit of buying a foreclosed home is  lower prices. Bank doesn’t want to keep a real estate property, they are not “real estate investors” so they don’t want to manage a property, in fact. Most properties that house the bank is not own by the banks. That’s why they are always eager to sell than a traditional flipper. Who can only make a profit if the home got sold high.

2. Consider driving around.

Driving around your neighborhood could be all you need to make your first property investment. While driving around, apart from checking listed properties, it would helped if you kicked it a notch higher and considered absentee property owners.

Therefore, one of the best tactics real estate investors use today is to look outside your multiple listing service and instead contact owners directly. Asking them to consider selling at any given time, a good percentage of the population will entertain that option, so why not reach out before they list the home with a real estate agent?

When driving around one of the best kind of people to target is absentee owners. They might be landlords (who hate there tenants) or owners who who inherit the house and is simply unsure what to do with it.

Online search is the go-to for most users, but that won’t get you that far. Driving around looking for house that look vacants can help most.

3. Real estates networks.

Expanding social and professional networks, regardless of the industry, enhances your success rate affiliation with the top real estate agency Hanover providing an extensive reach, allowing you to score incredible deals.

When talking about networks, though real estate agents should be your core targets. But it can be great to expand your networking other professional like, real estate wholesalers, property managers, mortgage brokers and renders: real estate attorneys and other real estate investors. You’ll never know who might become your source of deals for real estate investing if you are a first time real estate investor. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there as networking becomes easier with time and practice.

Final through: what is life like in the neighborhood.

Take a drive around the neighborhood to see if any other properties are for sale. Is everyone looking to move out? Or is everyone looking to move in? This information is key not only for investors but also for buyers who might want to wait things out and see what other opportunities arise in the area.

Be sure to do some digging into the value of the homes throughout the neighborhood, too. This will help you determine what is a fair price for the home you are looking to buy.

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Godfrey Kuma is a personal finance and business authority, who's inspiration has changed thousands of live and bring many from financial chaos to giant.

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