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Jesus is our peace.

The natural man lacks peace with God. We all come into the world fighting against God, because we are a part of the rebellion that started with Adam and Eve. Romans 5:10 says we were enemies of God. We fought against God, and everything we did militated against His principles. But when we receive Jesus Christ, we cease being enemies of God—we makeContinue reading “Jesus is our peace.”

Five steps to be at peace with your life through contentment.

Paul said he learned the secret of being content – it didn’t come naturally to him. Living a content life is not something that will come naturally to us either. It’s a learned attitude and position of our hearts. Much like exercising or training for a race, we have to build the muscles over time to sustainContinue reading “Five steps to be at peace with your life through contentment.”

Six steps Overcoming all your fears through God word.

Fear and faith starts with same first letter, but both are thoroughly different. In fact they are completely opposite. They but attract different things. When faith attract the positive fear attract the negative. God has not giving us the spirit of fear. Fear is a natural emotion that all of us experience at some pointContinue reading “Six steps Overcoming all your fears through God word.”