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This has not being a popular concept these days, reason. because our culture actually discourage the idea of contemptment this days. When people hears our motivational speakers saying don’t settled at were you are, you need more a bigger thing they fail to understand that the attitude behind it’s what matters.

“The apostle Paul advise this young minister Timothy, that Godliness and contentment is of great gain” having bigger cars, bigger house and bigger paycheck, nicer clothes. The list endless are not bad let look at the story of this two men’s.

it is attitude behind getting things that matter

Adolf merkle. In 2007 he was the 94th richest man in the world and the richest man in Germany. With the net worth of $12 billion. In owned the largest pharmaceutical company in Europe, and then he expanded his enpire into manufacturing and construction he was proud of what he has accomplished he was something of a speculator.

In 2008 he decided to make a vet in the stock market, it was so certain that Volkswagen was going down. He decided to short the company, just one problem: Porsche made a move to buy Volkswagen, and the stock price shot up not down. Almost overnight mercle nearly lost nearly three quarters of a billion dollar to a single gamble.

To make matter worse, he desperately needed some cash to pay off a huge loan but in 2008, banks weren’t loaning money to any one. Not you not me, not billionaires not even other banks.

So what did merckle do? Search for new financing? Cut is expenses? Sell some companies at a loss? No, when he realized he’d lost a total of $3billion and was no longer the richest man in Germany. That he had failed, his family, he wrote a suicide letter to the authorities, and walked in front of a speeding train. That right he killed himself.

Greg horn, owner of the Payless food center a glocery store in cythiana, Kentucky, on march 1, 1997, Greg was in bossie city, Louisiana, where he had traveled from home in Kentucky to attend a two day conference, he boarded a plane and headed to st. Louis on the first leg of his journey home.

When he get to the gate in st Louis for his connecting flight to Lexington he was surprised to discover that it had been delayed because of bad weather in Kentucky. When that delayed turn into a cancel flight, Greg was stuck in st Louis overnight. He didn’t think too much of it. He was a seasoned traveller and have learned to roll with punches when on road. And in the morning he caught the first flight out.

Only when he landed in Lexington did he realize the magnitude of the problem caused by the weather as he drove north from the airport toward cynthiana he started to see the effects of the heavy rain that had cancelled his flight. When he learned that the linking river which flowed through cynthiana had flooded its bank. He started to worry about his store he headed straight for it wanting to make sure everything was right. The thirty miles trip seemed to take forever.

When Greg finally arrived, he found the area flooded standing two hundred yards away from his store. He could see only it’s roof and the sign. Payless food center. The rest was under water. Demoralised he headed for home but couldn’t get anywhere near his house either.

For three days Greg stay with is sister at Lexington. Waiting for the water to subside and wandering what he was going to do. That’s when he called is insurance agent and discover news that make things even worse, he had every kind of insurance except-you guessed it-flood coverage there would be no financial relief.

Five days pass before Greg could get into the store, he stood in the mist of $500.000 spoiled inventory.

“All that points was I had a choice says Greg. He could have given up acknowledging that tragedy has cause is business to fail”

he assessed that the building was still structurally solid but the interior of the store was trashed. He worked out the trashed and it cost him $1million to reopened Payless food center.

From this two stories in a few words let me tell you what contentment means.

  1. Having a positive attitude when walking your way out a ulgry situation.
  2. It means expecting the best out of everything not the worst.
  3. Seening solution in every problem not problem in every solution
  4. Remaining upbeat even when you are beating -up.

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