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The skills founders need most

It’s wonderful that entrepreneurship programs are growing at the pace they are. I love it when seeing that people are so interested in being entrepreneurs and teaching entrepreneurship.

You need selling not only to get well with customers but even to attract a team, an investor and also a partner.

Godfrey kuma
“Your Life Can Only Get Better When You Do something Every Day To Improve Your Key Skill Areas.” – Brian Tracy

But to start your own business and become a successful entrepreneur, you need special disciplines. Those that are practiced by all successful entrepreneur and self made business millionaire.

You can either learn and practice these disciplines early in your entrepreneurial careal or you can learn and practice them later. Sooner or later you must become knowledgeable and skilled in each of these five areas if you are going to build and entreprise and become a successful entrepreneur.

Selling skill

But most of our entrepreneurs focus on the skills that employees need; management, etc not the one skill founders need most selling.

It’s my belief that the number one predictor of success of an entrepreneur is his or her ability to sell a product which is very important. But I’m also talking about the ability to sell a vision, a team, yourself, and potential partners and deals.

1. Growing your team through sales:

To scale your business, you are going to need to hand off responsibilities to other people. You need a team, each filling a needs role and fulfilling long-term goals. But how will you attract then? You must sell them on the mission and vision of your company. Sell them on the product roadmap you have. Sell them on your prior success, these best employees have many options. Do you have to stand out in the crowd.

2. Getting investors through sales.

Kicking a new small business into acceleration growth modes takes capital, and a lot of it. Although new small business do have several options for financing their business like business loans, it’s admittedly difficult to get a hold of the money you need to go big without a substantial financial track record.

So whether you’re looking to go down the venture capital road or wanting to raise equity from friends and family, you have to know how to sell.

When it comes to raising capital for your business, potential investors are going to be looking at four key things: the project, the partner the numbers, and the management. The ability to speak forcefully about those- and to overcome any objections- will determine your future.

3.Getting partner’s and deals through sales.

If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need partners and deals. That take sales. For instance, if you are building a software product. It is key that you find way to partners with other people for marketing and selling your product, as well building integrations so that your software can work well with other software offering’s out there. In many cases, over half the sales of your product can come from partners. Partners just like employee or investors we buy into your mission and vision through sales. For you to get the right partner. You need that skill set most.

How investing in real estate can make you financial free

Real estate investing is simply a vehicle to improve your finances but for some it can be a criteria to gamble there hard end savings away, both are true, but depends on investors.

As always been said “there is no risky investment but risky investors” you can minimize risk away when you know what you are doing. President Donald Trump make his futune in real estate. And he said,

  • It’s tangible
  • It’s solid
  • It’s beautiful
  • And it’s artistic.

From my standpoint I love real estate. The last person anyone want to call is the bankruptcy lawyer. So, whether you’re just starting out in real estate business or are currently a real estate mogul, protecting yourself from investing mistakes is crucial.

Don’t be impulsive!

One of the biggest mistakes new investors make us being impulsive and not putting in the time or effort to ask the right questions investing decisions should be based on reliable knowledge and sound business calculations, rather than an emotional reaction or a gut-feeling.

So, when look at investing in real estate, the first thing we have to look at is whether there is enough equity and/or liquid assets to hold the property. Poor budget planning, a market downturn, unforeseen repairs or delays can seriously impart the button line of an investment. That’s why I am a strong advocate for creating strong teams, make sure you hire people who can help you asses these risks. Below are steps to determine if property is best for you.

Steps to determine if a property is right for you

  • is the current state of the property acceptable?
  • are there major structural issues?
  • What will need to be upgraded or replaced to make the property livable?
  • Will this be enough to return a profit?
  • Is the neighborhood promising?
  • How is the property zoned?

As you can see, there are many hurdles that can stop you from getting started in real estate investing. that’s because in reality, it’s not eazy. Trust me, if it were eazy everyone would be doing it. But like I said earlier, most mistakes can be avoided with careful planning.

Don’t be a flipper

The truth is real-life flippers may not find the same level of success, so many things can go wrong along the way-from choosing the wrong property and paying too much for it to unexpected and expensive repairs or not finding a buyer fast enough. This is where investing for the purchase of capital gains instead of cash flow becomes Ricky.

Let me tell you what capital gains really is?

Capital gains

Are the one-time profit you make on the sale of an investment. The strategy behind capital gains is to buy and sell, in order to realize a gain. You must sell the asset as long as market prices go-up, capital- gains investors win. But when the market turn and prices fall, capital gains investors loses.

Let’s also say it like this. You buy a single-family house for $100,000 you make some repairs and improvements to the property, and you sell it for 140,000, your profit is turned “capital gains” anytime you sell an asset or investment and make money, your profit is capital gains. Of course, but there are also capital losses. (Which occur when you lose money on a sale)

Some problem with capital gains

While there is money to be made through capital gains, it’s also important to note the risks.

  • It’s a formula you have to keep repeating over and over again-you have to keep buying and selling, buying and selling, or the of game and the income stop.
  • If the real estate market take a nosedive, “flippers” people who buy a real estate property and quickly turn around and sell it for a profit, or capital gains can get caught with inventory they can’t sell.

Build a team

Real estate is a team sport’s and you are the leader of your team. You don’t necessarily need employees, but you will need independent contractors and advisor’s who can help you in their area’s of expertise. If the idea of running this team put you off then perhaps a different types of investing suits you better.

Successful real estate investors realize the value of surrounding themselves with experts in a range of areas- taxes, the law, real estate, insurance, property management, etc. When these expects comes together out of trust, respect, and mutually desirable outcome they learn from support each other. Effectively improving the outcomes and streaming the process.

Here is a host list of advisor’s and expects you can consider in your team.

  • Real estate attorney: some states and jurisdictions require real estate attorneys to preside over all real estate transactions. The law vary by location, so be sure you select an attorney who is familiar with the area and the type of real estate you choose to specialize in.
  • Bookeeper: what often happened is that investors quickly realizes that they’re spending valuable time on these administrative tasks that they should be devoting to their investment activities. Hiring a bookkeeper is an investment in accuracy, as well as your valuable time, and it is well worth it. As he or she will assist you with the day-to-day oversight and management of your books and record.
  • Real estates brokers: they are essential parts of the team, they know the trends, they recognize patterns they know the market, they have access to informations you need, and they can tips you off to deals.
  • Real estate accountant: your accountant will analyze the records that your bookkeeper provides and ensure that your financial records are in order and compliant with the law.
  • Insurance agent: you’ll need to find an agent who specializes in real estates to make sure you have insurance coverage in your properties to cover risk and liabilities.
  • Tax accountant: a good tax accountant is a valuable member of your team, and in the case of an IRS audit, he or she will represent you. Ultimately, this person always has an eye toward minimizing your tax obligations.
  • Real estate lenders: this people might be mortgage brokers or loans officer’s at financial institutions, or they may simply lend money to private individuals.

4. Create a plan to find deals.

Good deals don’t just land in your lap. Finding good deals is more like a treasure hunt. You have to turn over dozens of stones before you find a hidden gem.

You should always have your washtubs ready for periods when “it rains gold,” but what about the rest of the economic times, you have to work hard and create a plan to bring good deals to you. And you have to stay disciplined either investment criteria do that you don’t succumb to fewer of a hot market.

Marketing campaigns.

There are many possible marketing campaign to choose from. And because, the marketing’s is an inexact science, the effective campaigns that are effective change like the wind. Do I recommend carefully testing different campaigns, and then stick with what work.

Here are list of some of the most effective campaigns. And they are organized at low cost.

  • Referral & networking campaign: talk to friends and family, and everyone you know to sent you leads on prospective properties.
  • Look for (for sale by owner) signs: regularly walk or drive your target neighborhoods. Looking for rent signs, vacant or run down -properties listed with agents, and vacant properties with no signs.
  • Use multiple listing service: these agents can set up authomatically emails that will reach your inbox anytime a new property hits the market.
  • Classified ads: you can advertise your service (buying real estate) through free or low costs classified ads online or in local print publications. Not every avenue will work, but if they’re low and free, try as many as possible and get your information out there. There are actually many more marketing campaigns that are out there I could share but this this (below) are effective options that are low cost and can give you some choices.

5. Go for flow

Cash flow is realize when you purchase an investment and hold on to it. And every mouth, quarter, or year that investment returns money to you. Cash-flowing investors unlike capital gains investors, typically do not want to keep collective the regular income of cash flow.

If you purchase a stock that pays a dividend, then as long as you own the stock, it will generate to you in form of a dividend, that is called cash flow, to cash in real estate. You could purchase a single family house and, instead of fixing it up and selling it, you rent it out. Every month you collect the rent and pay the expenses, including the mortgage. If you brought it at good price and manage the property well, you will receive a profit or positive cash flow.

Beside this cash flow investing in real estate has some tremendous advantages.

  • Fearfree retirement: one advantages of cash flow in real estate investment is that it eliminates the fear of running out of money. One concern I hear from people who have retired is, ” I’m worried I’m going to outlive my retirement account, but by accumulating asset that provides monthly cash flow, money comes in every month until you decide to sell the assets.
  • Control: with cash flow investing: my success is not dictated by the daily flustration of the market. I cannot control the markets, especially when it come to my money that’s why I’m not a stock trader or a real-estate flippers -i’m not good at timing the highs and lows of the stock market or real estate market and I don’t like the pressure.
  • Financial freedom: financial freedom is not you having thousands or even millions of dollars in the savings, yet this had being the thought of many that financial freedom is never having to work for money again. And you can accomplish this by building a cash-flowing that can be paying your mounthly expenses. When the cash flow is greater that your expenses you become financial free.

Four relevant business issues every entrepreneur must be opened to

In a rapidly changing world like this, nothing is more dangerous than an idea whose time have come and gone. Just look at how has change the world of brick-and-mortar books sellers such as borders and Barnes and Noble, or how Skype is tearing down monster corporation like AT&T. Or how Napster shot out torpedo out of the music industry.

So. For this will has business owners or who someday dream of becoming one, need to be opened to trends.

This post will be talking about five relevant issues every entrepreneur must be opened to.

  1. Why most small business fail
  2. Tips to making better business decisions
  3. How to create a unique business that works
  4. Your team the main ingredient.

1. Why most small business fail:

A new small business story rarely ends happily. Over 80% of new small business fail in the first five years, 96% fail within their first 10 years -US department of commerce.

a. Fatal assumptions.

Most business fails because of fatal assumptions the owner make, they were reluctant to sit and make the necessary adjustments.

E.g just because you know how to swing a hammer, fix up a house manage a rehab, doesn’t mean you can successfully create a business remodeling and selling houses.

Just because you know how to screen a tenant applicant fill out the paperwork, take a maintenance call, doesn’t mean you can create a management business.

The technical work of a business and the business it’self are totally different. Creating and running a business is much more complex.

When this honest, hard-working, skilled person starts the business with big hopes and aspirations, but the grind, the changes, the constant demands from every direction eventually lead to several possibilities that can cost him is business. Let’s look at this example. One day a normal person (a job, a salary, expenses, a home, a family) grew sick and tired.

This person was good at what she did, she had technical skills, had experience. She knew how to do her job better than even the boss did.

But the problem with his situation was that he worked for someone else,

One day, our heroine for no obvious reason, maybe a look from the boss, a feeling of not being appreciated, or a desire for a change…….had an entrepreneur seizure.

She had enough. No more would she make money for someone else again.

She would start her own business, put all the money in her pocket,and be free of the tyranny and strangulation of a boss, of a big system, of not controlling her own destiny.

But can you tell what we happen rather. This honest, hard working, skilled person starts a business with big hopes and aspiration, but the grind, the changes, the constant demands from variety direction eventually lead to several possibilities.

  • Business failure
  • Burn out.

2. Self mastery

Apart from fatal assumptions, there is also an important skill you also need as an entrepreneur to succeed. Self mastery, it means the ability to control your fear, emotions, doubts,body, mind, and soul. If you can learn how to control yourself you can control your world.

  • Everytime fear set in when your cash flow statement didn’t look promising you losts.
  • Everytime you lost your temper with employees you lost.
  • Everytime you get in the downward spiral of working in your business instead of working on it you lost.

Most entrepreneurs have certain trigger’s that causes them to literally lose it, that “it” being self control for many, it’s money. When the money runs out, the fear kicks in and the linubic part of the brain takes over. Then you do insane things. It’s no different than the cavernan running for his from the sabertooth tiger. You stop thinking and become reactionary.

3. You are not your business

” once you recognize that the purpose of your business is not to serve your business, but to serve life, you can then go to work on your business than in it. With a full understanding of why it is absolutely necessary for you to do so.

This is the distinction that so many business owners Don’t get and the results is at worst existence that sucks 100% of the business owner energy and time.

Your business is a separate entity a creation by you, and not the master of your life, because it’s separate from you it need to have it’s own identity, own rules and purposes.

So think of your business as a farm animal that you must train and break in to do it’s purpose. So you working in your business requires you to build and develop a perfect systems and processes that essentially “plow the field” of your business.

2. Tips to make better business decision

As an entrepreneur your essential “muscle” is your ability to make decisions. You either cultivate and strengthen this ability or or you let your decision muscles atrophy through procrastination indecisiveness.

Robert frost wrote, “two roads diverged in a wood, and 1-1 took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.” But unfortunately not all decision is as simple as “let’s just take this path and see where it goes,” especially when you’re making a decision related to your business.

Whether you manage a small team or at the head of a large cooperation, your success and the success of your company depends on your making right decision and learning from the wrong decisions.

Cost of not deciding

Fear is really the main challenge to your ability to make better decisions. When you’re paralyzed by fear, you freeze like a deer in headlights, your instincts tell you not to move because something bad can Happened.

But in reality, inaction is usually even worse than deciding to take action, because just being alive is Risk, walking out your door, getting in a car, and driving across around town statistically put you in danger. Yet you choose to make the decision to get out of bed, get in your car, and move on with your life every single day.

And that’s exactly what this tips is design to help you practice.

1. Take right amount of time to decide what you want

Deciding what to order for lunch will not change your life, so just make the decision and Jeep the line moving!

But when it came to business and real estate investing, it has higher risk than a turkey sandwich. So it’s reasonable to allocate more time for preparation, research and deliberation.

You have to get some relevant Information to choose from. You most do some internal assessment seeing were your organization strength lies, because organization has succeeded and failed in areas related to your decision. Also seek information from external sources including studies, market research, and in some cases evaluation from paid consultant.

  • Identify possible solutions to your problem, there is usually more than one option to consider when trying to meet a goal. for example, if your company is trying to gain more engagement on social media, your alternatives could include paid social advertisements a change in your social media strategy, or a combination of the two.
  • Once you have identified multiple alternatives, weigh the alternatives. See what companies have done in the past to succeed in these areas, and take good hard look at your own organizations Win and losses.
  • Choose among your alternatives. Here is the part of the decision-making process where you now make the decision. Hopefully, you’ve identified and clarified what decision needs to be made, gathered all relevant information and developed and considered the potential paths to take. You are perfectly prepared to choose.

2. Create deadlines

Some decisions come with built-in deadline. If you borrow money ad the load principal must be paid off in one lump sum by a certain date (i.e a balloon note), you must decided to refinance, sell, or save enough cash in order to avoid negative consequences with leaders.

But many other decisions have no real deadline, and as a result, they get delayed and delayed. In this procrastinating situations, create your own deadline

3. Ask for wise counsel

I have a rule in my business deals, never to make a large acquisition without at least letting 2-3 people I trust evaluate it with me. No matter how much I know, I AM sure to have blind spots, wise counsel from others gives me confidence and avoids large problems.

Here are some people, I seek wise counsel from in my business deals.

  • My business partners
  • My CPA
  • My mentor
  • Lenders
  • Real estate agent
  • Contractors

You may have different people on your list depending upon your business or situation. But the important thing is to actually have the list, and then call upon then when you’re facing an important decision.

3. How to create a unique business that works

The best business do not make their business only about the commodity they sell. A commodity is a house, a car, a meal an oil change, or a root canal, instead. The best business emphasize their business it’self as the the real product. Yes their customer end up with the commodity after the purchase, but the customers buying decisions are really about the experience of getting the commodity from this particular business.

If your business only sells commodity it’s the same as all your competitor’s, in that cases, the lowest price wins. Despite what you hear about Wal-Mart and winning on low price is not an easy recipe for success. If instead you sell a unique and valuable experience, you are rare. Rare commodities are valuable, and make a business very profitable and successful.

So the question is how are will to create such a business and how do we get it to work well over and over again? This question answer falls on three ground: innovation and branding.

1. Innovation:

Innovation is the heart of working on your business and not in it. “Creativity thinks up new things, innovation does new things.”

Business innovation is when an organization introduces new process, services, or product to effect positive change in their business. This can include improving existing methods or practices, or starting methods from scratch. Ultimately the goal is to reinvigorate a business, creating new value and boosting growth or productivity.

You don’t necessarily have to be a pioneering, original thinker to create an innovates business. You just need to get a very good idea. Remember, Kay kroc didn’t invent mcDonald’s, he just recognized and brought the idea and then ran with it.

Business innovation matters for one reason’ value, in order for your business to thrive, it is crucial to be continually innovating and improving, successful business innovation means finding new revenue opportunities, optimizing existing channels and ultimately generating higher profit: it should also be companies advantage over their competitor’s.

But even at that failure can’t be excluded, Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, we’re ok with failure. Because failure is a result, failing doesn’t make you a failure not trying and quitting make you the failure.

2. Branding

With millions, if not billions of business trying to make a name for themselves, having a strong brand has become crucial for business to differentiate themselves from their competitor’s.

Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice in which a company creates a name, symbol or design that is easily identified as belonging to the company, this helps to identify a product and distinguish it from others products and services. Branding is important because not only is it what makes memorable impression on consumers and clients to know what to expect from your company. It is a way of distinguishing your self from your competitor’s and clarifying what it is you offer that makes you the better choice. Your brand is built to be a true representation of who you are as a business. And how you wish to be perceived.

Jeff bezos says, “branding is what people say about you when you are not in the room”

Four importance of branding

Branding is absolutely critical to a business because of the overall inpart it makes on your company, branding can change how people perceive your brand, it can drive new business and increase brand awareness.

  • Brand increase business value: branding is important when trying to generate future business and strongly established brand can increases a business value by giving the company more leverage in the industry. This makes it a more appealing investment opportunity because of it’s firmly established pace.
  • Branding gets recognition: the most important reason branding is important to a business is because it is how a company gets recognition and becomes known to consumers. The logo is the most important element of branding. Especially where this factor is concerned, as it is essentially the face of the company.
  • Branding generate new customers: a good brand will have no trouble drumming up referral business. Strong branding generally means there is a positive impression of the company among it’s consumers, and they are likely to do business with you because of the familiarity and assumed dependability of using a name they can trust. once a brand has been well-established, word of mouth will be the company’s best and most effective advertising technique.
  • Creates trust within the market place: a professional appearance and well-strategised branding will help the company build trust with consumers, potential clients and customers. People are more likely to do business with a company that has a polished and professional portrayal. being properly branded gives the impression of being an industry expect, and makes the public feel as though they can trust your company. The product and services it offers and the ways it handled it business.

4. Your team the main ingredient:

“Talent wins games, but
teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – …

No matter what we seek to accomplish, our success or failure will depend on in part upon the team we assemble around us. In team sport’s this facts may be obvious, but it holds just as true for small entrepreneurs, leaders of non profit, or individual ventures.

A business can never get anywhere. In fact, lack of good leadership is why most businesses fail or fail to grow very big.

You don’t need to have all the answers, but you must be adapt at pulling together a management team that can come up with the answers, and motivate them to provide those answers.

Your team should also include your outside advisor’s, proper guidance from your accountants, tax advisor’s, financial advisors, and legal counsel is imperative for building a strong successful business.

Although these advisor’s can be expensive, their advice can provide you with an incredible return on your investment by helping you structure a strong business while avoiding pitfalls along the way.

As a leader, you must be extremely good at working with people being able to cooperate with as many people as possible and and helping people without crippling them are extremely important leadership skills.

Here are few principles that you can found helpful on your journey building your own team.

a. Get organized:

Even if you are at the stage where your business only exists Olin your imagination you can begins by organizing your thought and your team.

Having a real-time organizational picture allows you to visualize if there are too many or too little direct reports specific part if the organization. When you don’t have a clear line of sight or established report relationships, the ability to organize, communicates and align priorities becomes exponentially more difficult.

b. Recruit excellent team members:

Because your team is the foundation of your success, the quality if your individual team members is critical. If you have a weak link in the chain. The entire process can fail.

Choosing and recruiting the right people applies both to any potential business partner and to the members of your team and there are some criteria to consider when hiring your team.

  • Attitude: mark Murphy, the author of hiring for attitude reveals in a study that tracked more than 20,000 new hires, that 46% failed, within 18 mouths. A surprising insight from the research was that 89% of the new hires failed because of additional reasons and only 11% had to quit jobs because of lack of skills. Mark father states that while technical skills can be easier to asses for employers and easier to learn for new hires. Attitude is a gray area which is hard to assess. Also, you can’t train people on attitude (at least not as efficiently as you can train them on skills). Skills are what you need to weed out the candidates pool. Attitude is what you use to select the right person from among the qualified candidates and attitudes is something that you can assess during the interview process.
  • Competency: the person must be able to fulfill the needs of their specific role on the team, if their specific role on the team. E.g, the person will handle bookkeeping, they must be able to quickly learn book keeping skills. If you need someone to do leasing or custormersive, they must be a good communicator and enjoy interacting with others.
  • Alignment: the goals and values of individual team members must be in alignment. If they aren’t,you will experience tension and battle’s to tug the team in different directions, this is often why good honest people still fail as a business partnership. They are trying to drive the vehicle in different directions.

3. Be a servant

You are the leader of your team, but that doesn’t mean you need. To be a ruthless dictator. The leaders I respect the most equate leading with serving.

These types of leaders are sometimes call servant leadership, they recognize that there positions doesn’t make them any better that the people they serve. They know that

Leadership skills you need for your next business break through

When we’re young we’re told “stand alone” be an individual. Most poor people insist on doing things on there own. Team is the principal stuff in any performance, be it an event, a game, a show or a business organization, it is always a dedicated set of team members, who write the success sagas through effective and collective contributions.

If your dream is great you need people, and getting the right people for the right task can be one of your business greatest success mix.

No matter what we seek to accomplish, our success or failure will depend in large past upon the team we assemble around us. In team sport’s this fact may be obvious, bit it’s holds just as true for small entrepreneurs, leaders of non profit or individual ventures.

Leaders and managers

A good starting point to understand between a leader and a manager is the Warren G. Bennis quote that “leaders are people who do the right things,” why “managers are people who do things right” leadership involves creating a compelling vision, and helping people understand and commit to it, managers on the other hand, are responsible for ensuring that the vision is implemented efficiently and successfully.

Leadership abilities

Your ability to communicate, negotiate, influences and persuade others to think is absolutely indispensable to everything you accomplish in life, the most effective men and women in every area of life and business are those who can quite completely organized the cooperation and assistance of other people toward the accomplishment of important goals and objectives.

Do what other leaders do

Of course, everyone you meet has different values, opinions, attitudes, beliefs, cultural values, work habits, goals and much more. But because of the incredible diversity of human resources, it has never been more difficult and yet more necessary for diplomatic leaders to emerge and form these people into high performing team.

But. Unfortunately, leaders are made not born. You learn to become a leader by doing what others excellent leaders have done before you. You become proficient at your job or skill then you become proficient at understanding others people. Has a leader, you combine your personal competencies with the competencies of variety of others into a smoothly functioning team. That can out play and outperform all his competitor’s when you become a team leader, even if your team only consist one other person’s. You must immediately develop a new set of leadership skills.

Some leadership skills to succeed in business and real life

1. Communication skill:

Communication skill are essential for success in almost any role, but there are particular skills and techniques that you’ll use more as a leader than did your regular team members. This fall under two headings

  • Communication with people outside your team.
  • And communication with team members.

But here we are to talk about the second one communication with team members.

a. Communicating with people in your team:

As a team leader, you’re likely to be chaining regular sessions as well as one-off meetings. Meeting of all kinds, and regular ones in particular, are notorious for wasting people’s time, so it’s well worth mastering the skill of effective meetings.

Many meetings include brainstorming sessions as a team leader you’ll often have to be comfortable with doing this. There is more to this than simply coming up with creative ideas, as you when you’re just a regular participant in such a session:

To find out how to run brainstorming sessions make sure that you understand where they can go wrong, and what you can do to avoid this.

Active listening:

Author and professor David w. Augsbunger says: “being heard is so close to being love, that for the average person they are indistinguishable.” Because this is true, it’s another important skill for leaders and others- to master, when you’re in charge. It can be eazy to think that you know what others are going to say, or that listening is less important, because you have thought of a solution anyway.

Don’t fall into the trap, most good leaders are active listeners; it helps them detect problems early (while they’re still eazy to deal with). Avoid costly misunderstanding, and build trust within their teams.

2. Delegation:

Leaders who try to make too many tasks by themselves will struggle to get anything done. These leaders often fear that delegating tasks is a sign of weakness. When in fact it is a sign of a strong leader.

Therefore, you need to identify the skills of each of your employees, assign duties to each employee based on his or her skill set. By delegating tasks to staff members, you can focus on other important tasks, some skills that make a good delegators include.

  • Start with your reasons: when people lack understanding about why something matter’s and how they fit into it, they are less likely to care. But if you give them context about what’s at stake, how they fit into the big picture, and what’s unique about the opportunity, then you increase personal relevance and the odds of following through. Instead of giving just the business justification, make it a point to share your reasons why it matters to you, so this essential steps set the table for effective partnering. Otherwise you leave people to come to their own conclusions about what you’re asking then to do and why. The risk of misalignment is highest during the first conversation, so try make sure you articulate your reasons from the start.
  • Make sure your team is ready for the responsibility: another big part of delegation is being able to trust that everyone on the team is ready for responsibility and can make their own decisions. Some leader’s believe in the helicopter leadership proach: watching over every little detail that their team is doing and holding their hand every step of the way this approach won’t fit you. Maybe you’re more laid back or you have trust in the people you work with, both are great, but if your workers are also thinking that you might run into some people, assigning a project to your team and delegate every task to them. Make sure they know you have complete faith in there ability to complete the task, then when the due date rolls around see what has been accomplish; are them? Has everyone finished what they were assigned.
  • Be opened: although you are a leader you are still part of the team. Make sure your workers know that and are able to come to you with questions, concerns or just to bounce ideas off of you.
  • Set up project check IN’s: allowing free reign is a big part of delegating leadership styles, however you still need to know that the work is being accomplised. This is why setting up projects check IN’s are so important. This will keep both you and your workers on a cohesive timeline.

3. Motivation:

Leaders need to inspire there workers to go the extra mile for their organizations; just paying a typical salary to employees is typically not enough inspiration (although it’s important too). There are a number of ways to motivate your workers: you may build employee self esteem through recognition and rewards, or by giving employees new responsibility to increase there investment in the company.

Leaders must learn what motivate work best for their employees or team members to encourage productivity and passion. Skills related to effective motivation include.

  • Appreciation: leaders who appreciate the work performed by their employees build confidence in them and motivate them to improve their performance. Recognize employees who receive the highest sales or customer praise by personally congratulating them. This give employees the impression that you have taken a personal interest in their work.
  • Employee involvement: it is vital for leaders to develop a dialogue with employees by involving them in the decision-making process for certain decisions, include employees in meetings to guage their interest in a project gaining their feedback on what is being proposed. Employees who are given a stake in his the business is run can provide valuable information on how best to tackle a project, helping Managers to avoid potential costly problems.
  • Training and development programs and building event: it is vital for leaders to develop a dialogue with employees, by involving them in the decision-making process. For certain decisions, include employees in meetings to guage their interest in a project, and also develop programs for training and work development for it’s employees with the aim of increase motivation.

4. Feedback:

Leaders should look for opportunities to deliver useful information to team members about there performance. However, there is a fine line between offering employees advice and assistance, micromanaging, by teaching employees how to improve their work and make their own decisions, you will feel more confident delegating tasks to your staff.

Employees will also respect leaders who provides feedback in a clear an empathetic way.

  • Make it one on one: even praise for some people is better delivered in a private meeting, rather than being pointed out in a public arena: some people don’t like being the center of attention. And allow the opportunity of feel back without a face to face meeting as it can make it easier for a person to say what they really think.
  • Pay it forward: very simply, do a good deal for a colleague or employee and ask them to do the same for someone else in turn. It isn’t always eazy to take and certainly not eazy to give, but if it’s done thoughtfully, usefully and with the best of intentions it will help improve the quality of that person’s work and may even boost their productivity. This will in turn give them greater job satisfaction and leave them with skills which can be used in their future career.

You do not need to supervise or be a manager to cultivate leadership skills. You can develop these skills on the job in the following ways:
Take initiative: Look beyond the tasks in your job description. Think long-term about what would be beneficial for your department and the company. Try to brainstorm ideas and commit to doing work that goes beyond the daily routine.
Request more responsibility: While you wouldn’t want to ask for additional responsibility in your second week on the job, once you’ve been in a position long enough to become an expert, you can share with your manager that you’re eager to grow your leadership abilities. Ask how you can help out—are there upcoming projects that require a point person? Is there any work that you can take off of your manager’s to-do list?
Target specific skills: If you have a specific skill that you want to develop—whether it’s
creative thinking or communication —create a plan to improve your abilities in this area. This could mean taking a class, finding a mentor to help, reading books, or setting a small goal that forces you to develop this skill. Talk to managers and co-workers, as well as friends outside of the office, to help
develop your plan to improve .

Why real estate?

As the lottery motto goes, you can’t win if you don’t play. And that true in all investing. But unlike winning the lotto, real estate investment isn’t dumb luck- it’s art that requires you to do your due diligence, conduct research, run the numbers, get creative sand take calculated risks in other to succeed if you’re up for the challenge. Then it’s time to discover how to get in started in real estate.

Now is the right time

What do I mean by real estate

When I speak of real estate, I am talking about rental real estate that produces positive cash flow, the term “real estate” covers a whole array of products such as:

  • Storage
  • Retails
  • Offices
  • Apartment
  • Fourplex
  • Duplex
  • Single-family homes

Pros of real estate investing

  • Tax credits are available for low-income housing, the rehab of historical buildings, and certain other real estate investments. A tax credit is deducted directly from the tax you owe.
  • In some countries the gain from real estate can be postponed indefinitely as long as the proceeds are reinvested in other real estate.
  • If your perperty is purchase and managed correctly, real estate can provide tremendous opportunities for cash flow.
  • you may pay 10©, 20% 30% as a down payment, and a bank, lending institution, or private party provides the rest of the funding. You can own a $100,000 property for just $10,000 or $20,000.
  • As cash-flowing property is not subject to the daily ups and downs of the markets. It is typically a long-term play. A down real estate market can actually be the best time to buy.

How to start.

There’s one surefire way never to make any money in real estate: not to invest. Yet everyday, people tell me they would love to invest, except….

  1. They don’t have any money.
  2. Don’t know what the options is.
  3. They are scare of making mistakes.
  4. They are not sure is the right time, and so and so on.

But the truth still remains you loss hundred percent of shots you don’t take. If you have never start investing you can’t really reap the rewards and escape that rat race. So let address the most common excuses that has being drawing many away from investing.


many has come to me telling me that lack of money has being there major hindrance why they haven’t invest. I have always try to bring there attention to themselves, by telling them they have the money which is actually there.

They have it, but simply choose to spend it on something else, if they can look on there budget and allocate the amount amount they feel comfortable spending on investments each month. Sure you might have to cut back on other area a bit.


Before you dive in why didn’t you start with a workshop even the one for free, to educate yourself.


You’ll want to find the right first property to begin, and this takes patience and number crunching. Pick an area where vacancy rates are low and choose a property that offers the amenities people are looking for.


You’re investing for cash flow (not for flipping), the market direction really doesn’t matter to as much. You aren’t hopping to earn a quick profit by selling before your mortgage paperwork is even dry.

May be feeling excited and ready to jump right into your first real estate deal, that’s great! But before you dive into deep end. Let cover few important basics.

Invest in cash flow,

When I speak of real estate, I’m talking about rental real estate that produces a positive cash flow. If you are investing for cash flow, the markets direction is no longer important, nor do you need to worry about liquidiy. Your goal is to collect monthly rent for profit- and and any gain in value of the property it’self is a bonus. This long term play is much less risky than what the pundits want investors to believe.

Flipping purposes is much more market driven- you could end up spending quite a bit of cash to renovate a property and then find yourself unable to sell it (or being forced to sell for a loss) that’s just not a gamble I’m interested in making.

Hardness the power of cash flow

One of my favorite stuff about real estate investing is using other people’s money (OPM) to invest on a typical real estate investment, you’ll put down around 20% of the value of the investment why the banks but down the other 80% but if you are really savvy, you can find investors to cover the other 20% down payment, limiting your cash expenditure, why collecting fees for brokering the deal. This allows you to have the potential for a much greater return on the investment (ROI)

be open to unexpected opportunities

It’s important not to be limited in our terminology. When people ask me how to get started in real estate, I always encourage then to be open to a wide range of properties, such as simple, family houses, duplexes, triplexes, or apartment buildings, multiple office buildings, retail stores, retail shopping centers, big box stores, self storage facilities and industrial warehouses, and so on as you can see, there is a ton of variety in real estate, so choose the property that best suits your interest. And below are three important reasons I want you to be a real estate investor.

3 reasons why I want you to be a real estate investor.

  1. No limit on income: the money you can make is unlimited unlike our cooperate glass ceilings, there’s no inequality between gender. You are completely responsible for and in control of the amount of money you can make. research shows that women with the same education and experience as there may counterpart, earn about 79% out of 100 for every dollar there male partners earn. This should be a real motivator for you if you are a woman reading this post, because on this part no one is going to tell you how much you can make.
  2. Increased self-esteem: I’ve seen people’s self-esteem soar once they know to make it on their own financially. And when people’s self-esteem rises. Then their relationship around then tend to improves. And their life improve overall becauses they feels good about themselves. With every little Victory you accomplish, your confidence increases, and increase confidence leads to higher self-esteem, higher self-esteem leads to greater suceess, which untimately leads to the greatest gift of all freedom.
  3. Control of your time: real estate investors are in control of their time. Investing is something you can do part-time or full-time. It is something you can do from home, from office, anywhere and one big impediments people have especially women is there time. This is especially true for mother’s who often spend many of their walking hours taking care of their children. I’ve heared from many women, “after I come home from work, I have to get dinner ready, help my kids with their homework,and clean up the dishes by the time everyone is in bed and I have free moment for myself then I am exhausted!” Though is true,but this not a big excuses any extra time you have in a day is best.

How to get out of this financial mess.

Naturally most, if not all of us want to craves for something better. It is all part of us, we all want bigger cars, bigger house, buying good things for the family. We keep hoping far more but in order to get what you don’t have, you have to do something you have never done, and learn something you have never learn. You have to be more.

Go for financial education, for it worth the effort

As an employee you can’t stay at same job forever and hope that a miracle will happen and your boss will suddenly give you a raise, you will be lucky that there is no downsizing in your company. Switching to another company will only provide a short term solution on a long term problem.

you can take up a second or even third job. But did you have enough hours and stamina in a day to sustain it?

3 ways of making money.

  • Trading time for money–employees, self employee
  • Manifesting and sustaining creative ideas–investors, artists, programmers.
  • leveraging on resources and other people–business people, leader’s.

If you are a professional, have you ever explored writting an ebook about your field of expertise? It well written, it could provide a new income stream, instead of you selling out your time serving your clients.

How about a computer programmer? You can come out with a revolutionary product instead of selling your idea to your company you work for. How about real estate. Instead of selling houses, you can pool financial resources to buy house cheap, increase their value and sell them off at higher price. It just take a little time and research to find good ideas.

Is money the problem? Seek out loans, if you can take the risk. Pool money from many investors or seek a grant. The sky is the limit when it come to making money.

Invest in your financial education if you don’t no one else will.

Your parents will only invest in your education only until you leave college. But that is just the basic necessities provide and doesn’t teach you important lessons about financial education.

Would you depend on college or University to teach you how to make money? Must college only teach you skills so that you can earn money working for other people. How about business school? Honestly if business lecturers are such expects at business, why are they still lecturing there instead of making a future in business venture?

Would your boss teach you how to succeed in business so that you will one day be at is position?

Be proactive and take responsibility

You see, when you invest in yourself, it mean taking on the importance of educating yourself. Education not in academic or technical sense, though they are necessary skills to be developed in life. Our education doesn’t stop in college.

For must working adult, their education enters retardation stage after they leave college. They stop learning and therefore they stop growing, they only grow sideways from eating too much pizzas or take-out during their busy lunch break.

We know that intellectual quotients is important. But why aren’t the most intelligent people the richest people in the world? There are many accountant’s and financial planner rushing to their cars every evening trying to beat the after work traffic congestion! They aren’t rich!

What about EQ emotional quotients?

Do working hard, having a great attitude and a positive mindset solve our financial situation? These are important? Important when running a business, but let met illustrate; if you are driving from Boston to New York using the wrong road map, you won’t get to your destination no matter how fast you drive your car(working hard)! You can work harder but you can only get to the wrong destination faster! You may have the best attitude in the world or the most positive mindset. But you still won’t get to New York (although the journey wouldn’t bother you since you are feeling positive about it).

You must first invest in your financial I Q

Having good financial iQ is not about saving tons of money or dumping then into the mutual funds. It’s developing a healthy relationship to money and building you a wealth of asset that will generate you money.

Delayed gratification

Is one of the most important aspect to developing your financial iQ. Take this as an hypothetical example.

Would you pay for a pint of milk or a whole cow

If you buy milk. It is consumed and it is over. You will have to buy milk over and over again when it is finished. even if the milk costs less than a cow. In the long run, you will still be buying milk again and again.

Now if a cow were to cost 50 times more than the milk, you might pay through your noses when you purchase the cow. But after consuming 50 pints more than milk, you might pay through your nose when you purchase the cow, but after consuming 50pint s worth of milk from the cow, you would break even on your investment and save more money in the future. In fact, the cow may give birth to two or more calves and you could sell one of them for profit!

Get the idea?

Everyone is capable of creating wealth when you take a beat up old car and give it to overhaul, paint it with new coat of paint, and change a few more parts to make it start running again, you could sell that car for more money than if it was just beat up old car. You would have created wealth in the process!

How about a farm? If you turn a farm into a country home gataway resort, wouldn’t the value of the farm increase manifold.

It is the same principle of chefs, computer programmers and craftman. The sum of the whole is greater than the parts. We are all capable of creating wealth even out of thin air and that is the first step to Getting our creative juices flowing.

Invest in asset that brings long time value. Anything that brings you more income is an asset. Don’t invest too much liabilities like cars boat’s even houses are not not considered asset until they are fully paid for (if you lost your job tomorrow and you can’t pay for your house. Is your house an asset?)

Building a part-time hustle without quiting your job

Most people have their eyes closed to the motive of others when it come to there money. If you wish to prosper, you must learn to open your eyes. Onces you can see and understand the motivations behind conventional advice like invest for long term in a balanced portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds, you’ll be able to make smarter financial decisions rather than just following the conventional advice.

If you notice you can get a tax break for buying a house and going into debt, but you can’t get one for saving money, this stand to the reason that the government doesn’t actually want you save money.

  • Banks see saving as a liability. Why would powerful lobbying forces like our Banks allow a law to pass that encouraged you to increase there liability sheet.
  • Working hard to earn money and then giving it away in taxes isn’t financial intelligent, even if you put some of it into retirement account. On the other hand making your money work hard for you means your earning are tax less if at all.
Don’t need to quit your job to start a business

“you can get a tax break for buying a house and going into debt, but can’t get one saving”

Godfrey kuma

What about building part-time business

Companies like Microsoft-soft, Facebook,, Dell computer’s all started like part-time business. The very thought of not having a paycheck is the primary reason why people don’t start a business, I made this mistake early on in life to quit my job and then begin gathering resources to start my business, and it where not smart. When I could have start it as a part-time business and still hold my job, when you quit your job to start a business, (worst in a situation were there is not enough capital) you will experience some I’ll setback, which can threatened your commitment to success. Has a new startup you may not know how long it may take to have another paycheck, so first wait to quit your job.

Writting a business plan.

The process of writing a business plan is necessary whether you need investors or not. The process of writing a winning plan force you to invest significant time and energy into thinking about your business, doing your homework, with a good plan you can easily convince a investor, and yourself that your plan contain the necessary ingredients to become one of the 5% of new business that succeed. Savvy investors and leaders know the odds and unless you educate yourself on the realities of winning plans, your plan will likely make it’s way to the button of the waste basket.

Tips on how to start without quiting your job

  • You can turn your hobby into a business. Can start a blog? Document your Creation process. And write about the food you cook, you do it anyway, so it should be fun to share your skills with the world, and you’ll probably meet others who share there Passions, better yet; you can also sell a recipe ebook? Compile your 💯 best recipes and sell the ebook $5. But before we went that far, you will need to put at mind that starting a business is going to take a lot of your time, so that’s why I prefer you doing something you prefer an you know it’s profitable. Will’ll throw more light on this later.
  • get help. I know a friend who own a shipping company and a fleet of trucks. He hires drivers to do the long hours of driving and his time is put lining up jobs and managing other business on the weekends. And in the evenings. You don’t have to do all yourself don’t fall into that temptation. Find a quality contractor or even an employee or two, who can work in the business so you can spend your time on the most important aspect of it.
  • Create a product from your service angle. Rather than sell service figure out a way to create a product. The problem with service especially when it on the side, is that you don’t own a business you simply own a job. Service are tough because you have to sell yourtime. If you’re not working you’re not earning money. When you work full-time, pulling long freelance hours is a surefire way burnout. The trick is to look at what be services you can provide and find the product angle out if it. If you can do that you’ll be making money even when you’re not working. Imagine you has a writter, creating an ebook for $1 a copy and generate income Even while you’re sleeping.
  • Find a great team: find a good team and use then to get a good CPA. Find a great attorney, if you’re investing in real estate, use a reputable and successful broker. Focus on what you can do best, and let others do the rest for you.
  • Own a schedule: if you want to run a successful business while working full-time, you need to become an expert at productivity and time management. Cut the TV time, stop going out to drinks, and buckle down. You’d be surprised what the work you do in an hour or two in the evening and a half-dead on Saturday can do for you.

Consider this when turning your hobby into part-time hustle

What about passion, there are many important characteristics when starting your business: “determination, creativity and much more which you know.” But in my opinion, passion is also one of those vital mix’s, it’s what keeps you out of bed in the morning, and keep you going when you face setbacks and doubt, when the day is over it’s what stop you giving up and playing it safe.

That’s why when people want to start there business, they immediately go back to something they are passionate about oftentimes, the most natural places to look is hobbies, you love your hobby. And presumably have a lot of knowledge about it. Those things should make for a successful business. But not always.

Sometimes, turning your hobby into business is disastrous. But other time is a wonderful idea. If your intention was to turn your hobby into business (like I previously write about in the beginning of this post) here are some important things to consider before you get started.

Be grounded in reality

Turning your hobby into business is simple. But first stop and analyze how yo monetize the idea.

We all have hobbies that we love, (mine was educating people about financial realities, which an doing and it’s fulfilling) but what would make terrible business- like doing the crossword puzzle, hiking or, stunning the quitar.

For you to start a real and sustinable business, you have to be completely honest with yourself despite the fact that some people has found opportunities in such of those strangest hobbies. Business start by deciding how possible it is to monetize it. You may try to monetize some of the hobby but will the time worth the earn.

Working more doesn’t mean making more.

In most circumstances, people have no time to invest, why? Because think that working harder and longer will make then richer. Of course nothing could be further from the truth.

Don’t sell your time cheap for a paycheck

Working hard at your job, hitting the gym, prepping meals, keeping up emails, making it at church meeting talking care of kids, and being a good husband, father, daughter, neighbor. It’s absolutely impressive if you think it just look at everything you’re able to accomplish on a daily basis!

Now, what if I were to asked you to carve but a few hours a week for a new task? I bet your immediate response is, “no way” I don’t have a spare second for anything extra. “No way. Don’t you see how much I’m already doing? For most of us those statements properly rings true. We feel we don’t have enough hours in our day to accomplish anything we want. We have a full-time carear, a spouse, a relationship. Even children, plus additional day’s to day activities. The thought of adding another thing, even something as important as working toward your financial freedom, seems overwhelming.

Don’t invest your time working for money.

If you ask most people why they are working so hard….or looking for work, they’ll tell you it’s for money.

By this, they mean a steady pay check that provides security. Money is one of the primary reasons people take on thousands of dollars in college loans to get a degree for high-paying job that they don’t like but which they spend most of there working hours at. All while the things they really love in life sit on the sidelines waiting for them to finish working. The problem with this approach is that you only make money as long as you work, the only thing at value you have is your time. So in order to make more money you have to work longer hours, which is physically taxing.

Because you only have a finite amount of time and energy as a employee. That’s why am bringing to you this great suggestion, nobody that has ever take this step ever regret. And you can’t regret if you steaks to it.

Make money work for you

Creating more time for yourself start with knowing your priority the rich knows that financial Independence is the most important thing in there physical live.

If you were diagnosed with a rare disease, you would get rid of your top priority finding your way to the doctor office, in other to find remedy for your I’ll health. It’s same with money if your finances aren’t healthy. They won’t get any better until you start talking care of them, and that mean making them your top priority.

An average American watch TV at least an hour a day, what if that hour were cut into half, and use the other 30 minutes for studying “especially on financial education” when you start to look at how you spend your time, and cut out the activities that really aren’t that important to you. More time magically appears.

We were all raised believing if we want more money, we have to work for it. For most American that might mean picking up an extra part-time job, or working overtime at the office. But we are human, and there are only so many hours we can physically work.

That’s why the known key for financial success isn’t working for money but Letting money work for you. This is what the rich do by creating systems or investing in assets that generate money with little to no involvement from them. They might start a business that runs independently. Or invest in real estate that produces steady cash flow every month.

And the great thing about this system is that they don’t just generate time, you can be earning money even while you sleep. So instead of working at the office, your real estate property will supply you with extra cash. Instead of getting another job. Business you started with your extra time will generate extra income.

It’s about making time

Making a comments like I don’t have time is always true to some extent. If you have a juggling family, career, charities, sports, activities, not to mention, just keeping up with friends and everyday life, but in the midst of this long continues list. How did you find the time for something new, like investing?

Yes family is important, ……carear, without it you can’t make a Living. Gym; you need it to stay fit. TV; you need to catch on with those updates. All seems to be important.

But before you can determine if investing is worth your time, you need to know “why.” you wanna invest, “will this investment really worth to take on this intensive challenge? What will truly motivate and drive you to spend the time and effort necessary to become a good investor?

How many times have you started something that seemed so important but never actually get around to finishing it? It’s probably because it sound like a good idea but you never took the time to uncover your true reason for doing it.

Usually, we are focused on doing things that need to get done. (Take a shower, go-to work, make  dinner, help the kids with there homework, without questioning why you’re doing all those things. It’s the same reason you might skip a workout even though you set your alarm earlier in the morning to do so- you haven’t zeroed in on your why, why, why, has to be  dazzling and moving, so that when you begin to doubt what you’re doing, your why keep you moving forward. once you uncover your true reason for “why you want to invest”

Reasons why you should invest.

Asked yourself, what is that deep down core reason for wanting to be financially independent? Here are four reasons you need to invest.

  • So that you can live a life without worry for money again.
  • So that you can have all the time to spend as you want.
  • So that you I’ll never have to work for money again.

Reasons why people don’t invest.

Most people know they should invest, just has people know they should eat there diet and exercise.  Nonetheless millions of people one estimate that 80 Percent to 85 percent of Americans _don’t invest at all what I mean by this is that those  people’s aren’t active investors.

And the sad things also is: many people thinks they are investors when really they are not, they think that there 401(k)s an IRAs, which has stocks, bond, or mutual funds holdings are investments, but I consider then saving plans, that’s what I called passive investors. They’re simply “saving” for retirement.

Most professional investors got cash flow first and capital gains second, and. Ideally, you want both similarly, if you own your house and live in it, I don’t consider it an investment. Without cash flow monthly (and with money going out each month for mortgage payments, utilities, property, taxes, insurance and maintenance), your house is a liability, not an asset, it might become as asset-if you rent it out for income each month. That exceeds your expenses on it. Or you sell it and realize a capital gain.

And remember you don’t need money to make money, many of these people who don’t invest cite for reason. “I don’t have the money to invest.”

You don’t need money to make money

But if you, train yourself to see opportunities around you. You can recognize that there are OPM (others people money)- the bank as your real estate investment partner, they will loan you the Lions share of the money and allow you to to take 100% of the tax advantage.

Apart from this let look at reasons people don’t invest.

  • Lack of vision: I have hear alot of young people blithely saying “I’m still young,” “I don’t have to worry, I’ll just keep working” they don’t put at heart that there will come a time when the body will be too weak to work. Old age seems to some as a mystery. And whether you are ready for it or not it will surely come. And if you don’t make plans Now it I’ll cast you unaware.
  • Entitlement mentality: i believe is about time our schools began to teach people to take care of themselves rather than believe they’re entitled to government support. Is not only those on welfare that has this mentality. Many of the people expect the government, (or a business) to take care of them once their working days are over. And when the hours reach everything seems like a disappointment to them (because you can’t budget the next 20 years, emergency arose which doesn’t have to Ring annalert.
  • Our school system doesn’t teach us much about money: the entitlement mentality and myopic vision stem from place- our schools and the lack of financial education….”go to school to get a job” is common advice you hear from parents. Is common advice but the idea echoes the entitlement mentality, the idea that once you a job, the company or government will take care of you.

No risky investment, but risky investors.

There are lots of investment out there, often there are more bad onces than Good onces. Can you tell the difference? If not, then investing would be risky….for you….right now.

Risk start with an ignorant investor

People often ask what type of investment is less risky, what they should be asking is, “how do I invest in a way that isn’t risky” you see, any type of investment can be profitable if you know what you are doing…or disastrous if you don’t. Risk start with the investor because the investor is the one to determine if the deal they are looking at is risky or not.

Many people consider investment in real estate risky, and it’s Ricky to those who doesn’t know what they are doing. Many flippers brought at high prices during the real estate boom assuming the price would continue skywards. When the bubble popped they were in trouble.

I consider investing in mutual funds to be risky because I don’t have control over the investment-i am at Mercy of the market and whatever decisions the fund manager makes. Add to that poor returns and high management fees.

This is to say that any investment can be profitable if you know what you’re doing or disastrous if you don’t.

A number of years ago, I watched an interview with Warren buffet. During the interview he said, “the only reason I go to the market is to see if someone is about to do something silly”

What most people think is investing, one of the most successful investor in the world called it financial silliness.

Buffett went on to explain, that he didn’t watch pundits on TV or the UPS and down share prices to gain investing advise. Infacts his investing was actually done far away from all the noise. Stock promotions and people who make money. From so called investment News.

As said before, that there are few things more Ricky than an investor who has no idea what he is doing, the reality is that any body can acquire financial knowledge and sift through the information available to find out what he needs to know so. Where do you begin.

A. Understand definitions of financial words: this will greatly increase your knowledge of the subject. Start with terms like asset’s, liabilities, ROI, and gross vs net income. Then, dig deeper, every time a new word comes up in conversation or in your reading (which I’ll discuss in a minute) stop and look up for definitions instead of glossing over it.

B. Learn how to read financial statements: such as income statements and balance sheets, if you intend to reach financials dreams. Then you have to become very comfortable with basic addiction, subtraction, multiplication and division. Consider every investment you are pursuing as a mystery to be solved and numbers are the clues that guide you.

C. Find a mentor: seek out a seasoned real estate investor and pick their brain behind every successful investor is a person who likely made some costly mistakes early on-see if you can find out more about where they went wrong and not just their success.

D. Read and listen: there are countless books, blogs and podcasts on the subject of real estate and stock investing, many geared toward beginners.

E. Attend workshop: free seminars can kick start your path to educated investing and taking control of your financial future.

F. Ongoing education:- learning is a lifetime purpuit because things change. Laws, regulations, and terminology adapt over the years, so keeping current is on investment in your future, investors who allows themselves to become stade will no doubt face numerous risks. Losing momentum, legal ramifications etc.

25 ways to make some side-money

Even for those not feeling the string of a luckluster economy, a healthy side income can be quite appealing, there’s plenty of ways one could make tens of thousand dollars even millions, or some extra poket money depending on what you wanna make.

what great about having a online business

  • You make money even when you aren’t working. You will not become a millionaire working because people are buying overnight. (Although you can become something you already created very successful overtime)
  • you can reach a large audience.

  • you can 2x, 5x, or 10x your sales and only have to work few extra hours.

  • you won’t be challenge figuring out who will buy your product. Or who will fell and price it.

  • you can easily text different pricing methods and offer to maximize your profits

  • some market are already saturated so you’ll have to use the zig/zag technique choose when you want to work.

  • you choose when you want to work.

  • you can earn $1.
    1.000, $5.000, and even ten dollar, depending on how you work. Here are list of some web base business you can start and run with little or no capital. If only you have a internet connectivity device.

1.web design:- HTML5 and CSS3 are easy technologies to get up to speed, on in a hurry. Any one with a web connection and a laptop can start a web design.

2.copywritting:- content is king, as the saying goes, modern web marketing demand loads of it, so sharpen your digital pencil and get reacquanted with grammar to dive in.

  1. Copyediting:- even the best writters need editors to proofread their work. The job requires an eye for detail but can utimately be quite profitable for the individual.
  2. Online surveys:-contrary to what you may have heard, online surveys can make you money. As long as you know where to look, it’s solid side income.
  3. Domain flipping:- people still respect a clear and concise “.com” dotcom domain name, and you can make a lot of money by reserving those domain names and selling then to willing buyer’s.
  4. Virtual assistant:- virtual assistant help clients around the globes by handling their grunt work. and running errands online.
  5. Affiliate marketing:- the best things about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to sell an actual product to make money just refer sales and collect commissions.
  6. Mobile apps:- with a little bit of coding experience, anyone can design a successful Android or iOS app that can be extremely profitable
  7. eBay reselling:- eBay reselling is incredibly simple. Just identify bargains, purchase goods on eBay and resell them to other buyers.
  8. Publish a Kindle ebook:- writting a book nowadays is easier than it’s ever been. Amazon give you access to millions of Ebook buyers, through it’s Kindle store.
  9. Seo-consulting:- search engine optimization is the keystone of online sales, webmasters, SMEs and major local companies will pay top dollar for your SEO expertise.
  10. Niche blogging:- building a niche blogging and monetizing it through ad and affiliate links is one of the easiest way to start making money online.
  11. YouTube marketer:- posting tutorial videos and guides on YouTube is perfect way to make money from in-video advertising.
  12. Sell WordPress theme:- the web’s most popular content management system support tens of thousands of themes, design your own and sell them to other webmasters.
  13. Resell hosting:- you don’t need to own a data center to become a hosting provider, just purchased space from a known web host at discount and sell it to smaller client.
  14. Paid review:- big companies and retailers are more than willing to pay freelancers to review their product and post them online.
  15. Financial planner:- if you’ve got some accounting experience, you can quickly start your own financial planning consultancy online.
  16. Visual translator:- use your fluency in a foreign language to earn money by translating audio, presentation and the writing word.
  17. Usability testing consultant:- websites aren’t very useful if ordinary users can’t make sense of them, companies will happily pay usability tester to make sure their websites are easy to navigate.
  18. Get paid to post in forums:- forum marketing is a subtle yet highly effective way to raise brand awareness and sales. You can actually earn money posting in a variety of forums.
  19. Ads placement:- believe it or not, you can actually get paid to post short ads on various networks around the web. It’s not hyper-lucrative but it does pay.
  20. Podcasting:- online broadcasting is becoming big business. Podcasting networks like libsym make publishing your podcast a child play.
  21. Party planning business:- planning a great party is a specific skill that few are blessed with, being a virtual party planner is a fun way to make money on the web.
  22. Run an Amazon store:- you don’t even need a website of your own to get started with affiliates sales, just open an Amazon webstore and refer traffic to it.
  23. Data entry:- many companies outsource data entry responsibilities to online freelancers with solid skills, you can work in online data entries from your home.

The science of money: how to earn more.

It’s interesting that most people think about money all the time and don’t know anything about it. By understanding the history of money you can increase your earning potential by a great deal. There is no secret to being able to earn more.

At one time there was no money, there was bartering. If you caught a fish, you would trade with a person who had cut down a pineapple from a tree. If you made boat’s, you would trade with a person who build your house for you.

Everything was always trading goods for goods, this eventually become really awkward and clumsy, do finally we had to find something that everyone valued.

The solution to bartering eventually beame money…..things like precious stones unlike goals, silver, or currency for a time. During the early text of the United States, beautiful seashells were also considered to what is called a “store of value.”

Add value to something you do.

Since money was considered a store of value the rule of making more of it, is adding value to every thing you do.

Godfrey kuma

Your most valued financial asset is your earning ability. Now we’re does the money come from? What happens is you trade your labor (mental, emotional, or physical) for money and you buy the results of labor of someone else whether it’s be at the grocery store or the car dealership.

So if you want to be paid more, promoted faster, it increases your earning ability, you have to increase the value of the work that you do. Because we trade our labor for money and then we trade that money for order people’s labor.

Six ways to make more money.

The thing about money is that you can have all the money and earn it honestly. by contributing value to other people. Whether you are just starting a family or you are just quickly approaching your retirement years. The sick tips below will help you add to your family’s income and improve your quality of life.

1.ask for a raise

If your current job isn’t providing you with the income you need to achieve your financial goals, another possible solution involves asking your employer for a raise.

In see cases, an employer may be willing to raise your slary simply because you made the request, especially if you are a valuable employee who has been with the company for a long time if your employer won’t give you the raise you requested, consider looking for another possible in your field with better pay. You may also be able to increase your pay by applying for a promotion with same company.

But also put in that not the amount you earn that make you rich, but what you are able to keep. So even when expecting a pay raise you need to go for financial education.

2. Consider starting a side business.

In many cases the income earn from your job won’t be enough to meet all of your family needs.

In other cases, the income can meet your basic needs, but it doesn’t provide you with the extra money you need to save for retirement or pay for a vacation.

One solution to this probly is to start your own business on side to earn some extra cash however, it is important to keep in mind that it can take long for a new business to become successful, so you shouldn’t expect to see a dramatic increase on your income over night.

And even after you have start the business you must commit to success.

3. Invest in real estate.

Although this strategy requires a long-term commitment, investing in real estate is another great way to add to your family’s net worth and or put away money for retirement.

You may choose to invest in a rental property that provides you with income in a monthly basic, or you may opt for a property that you remod And sell for a profit. Some investors also choose to purchase real estates that they believe will increase in value on it’s own overtime.

Invest in the stock market

Investing in the stock market is a money making strategy that can be highly lucrative if used properly.

However, it is also important to recognize that stock market investments are not without risks. If you make the wrong choices or try to move too quickly, you can loose a significant amount of money in stocks.

For this reason, if you choose to invest in stock market, you should consider working with a qualified investment advisor who can help you minimize risks and maximize profit.

5. Live on a budget:

Most families are spending more than necessary each mouth simply because they aren’t on an appropriate budget. Take inventory of all of your expenses and eliminates any bills you need to pay.

For example, you may find that your cellphone bill is much higher than it needs to be or that you are paying too much for car.

The person that can’t succeed

“Don’t waste energy trying to cover up failure, learn from the next challenge. It’s okay to fail, if you’re not failing you are not growing.” (-h. Stanley Judd)

certainly all people like to think of themselves as above average. But achievers seem to leave “average” in the dust so far behind them that ordinary seems a distant memory.

what makes the difference why do some people achieve so much? What makes achievers excel? Why does some people skyrocket why others plummet? You know what am talking about. You can called it luck, blessing or mindas touch. But none of this is the key, when it come to you write it down. no not one among then it the key, I know only one factor that separate those who consistent shine from those who don’t. The difference between average people and achieving people, its there perception and response to failure. In his book failing forward. John C Maxwell write about an experiment that was conducted with a group of monkeys. By professor Gary hemel and c.k prahalad.

he said, four monkeys were placed in a room that had a tall pole in the center suspended from the top of that pole was a bunch of bananas, one of the hungry monkeys started climbing the pole to get something to eat but just as he reached out to grab a banana, he was doused with a torrent of cold water. Squealing, he scrampared down the pole and abandoned his attempt to feed himself. Each monkey made similar attempt and each was drenched with cold water after making several attempts, they finally gave up.

Then reseachers removed one of the monkeys from the room and replaced him with a new monkey, as the newcomer began to climb the pole, the other three grabbs him and pulled him down to the ground. After trying to climb the pole several times and being dragged down. By the others, he finally gave up and never attempted to climb the pole again.

The reseachers replaced the original monkeys one by one. And each time a new monkey was brought in, he would be dragged down by the others before he could reach the bananas. In time the room was feel with monkeys who has never received shower’s. None of them could climb the pole but none of then knows why.

The class of people which I name, they can never succeed are like those monkeys. They make same mistake again and again, yet they are never quite sure why, and they has no result, they never seems to achieves what they desire, but they don’t know wh?. They see obstacles or errors as somebody else faults and not as result, and they then response in one or more of the above ways.

(1) stubbornly plowing ahead.”Try, then stop and think, then try again.” Particularly stubborn people sometimes try to leave their troubles behind by working harder and faster, but without. Changing their direction. They are like the person trying to get the square peg in the round hole who first tries to place the peg in the hole then tries to shove it in, then take a hammer and tries to pound it in. They’re working hard but getting nowhere.

(2) angrily overract: Nineteenth century English author. Charles buxton summed it up: “bad temper is it’s own scourge, few things are more bitter than to feel bitter. “A man venom, poison himself more than his victim” if a person doesn’t govern it temper it will govern him. People makes a minor mistakes and then angrily overract to it. Talking out their frustration on themselves or others around them.

(3)cover up: it’s nature of to try to cover up their mistakes, that tendency is as old as Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden_and it’s usually just has successful for us today as it was for then, it’s okay to fail, if you’re not failing, you’re not growing,” anyone who want to get off the failure freeway need to “fess up” rather than cover up.
(4) trying to justify the remark: General Parton c. March perceived,” “any man worth his salt will stick up for what he believes right, but it takes slightly bigger man to acknowledge instantly and without reservation that he is an error,” have you ever been talking with someone who made a thoughtless remark during a conversation, and as soon as he said it, you could tell he knew he had made a mistake? Yet when you called him on it, he refused to admit it. No matter what you said, he kept backing up and justifying is remark which make him look sillier.      And there are also quiters who never steaks to there assignment, and people that portral all this qualities never mount-up to any thing

6 awkward conversations about money every couple needs to have

from the first date to happily married, ask these questions at relationship milestone.

a bit of friction in a relationship can keep the spark alive, but. When it comes to money, it’s best if things run smoothly sure, talking about finances isn’t exactly romantic, but neither is fighting about it.

so if you want tonmake sure you and your significant other. Are on some page about money be sure to ask these important question at significant stages of your relationship.

what are your values

The first few dates are about feeling each other out. And seeing it there’s a correction usually it’s best to tread. Lightly when bringing up more serious topics, such as marriage and kids. The same goes for finances.

at this point in your prospective relationship, you don’t have to ask about money point-blank, instead, observe their behavior.

“do they do things that are irrational or impulsive? ” asked Reshwll Smith, a certified financial planner and the founder of AMES financial solutions in Orlando Florida, “I also think peoples attitude about money comes from their family, talking about family parents and how you were raised- you can get index there”

erin cousin, a CEP and the director of financial planing at E P wealth advisor a in Torrance, California, suggested playing the lottery game as an icebreaker “ask them, ” if you worn the lottery, what would you do? I think that tells you a lot about a pperson,” she said for instance, she said for instance, would they give some of the money to charity? Invest in property? Blow it all on cars and parties? The answer could tell you enough to know the person.

how do our financial lives compare

Relayionship move at their own pace, you might be exchanging “i love you’s” after three mouth or waiting to make things exclusive several years into dating. Whatever “serious” mean to you, be sure to have a serious conversation about your current financial situation too.

Talking about financial success and failures are important” said voison. She recommended sharing with each other your proudest accomplishments as well as your money mistakes. This can serve as good jumping off point to dig deeper into each other’s financial pictures.

“we definitely need to bring up the big c-word, credit. Said smith. She pointed out that if you eventually want to get a house or apartment together. (More on that below) your credit scores will inevitably come yo light. It’s best to put that information on the table early.

infact, the more transparent you are with each other about your savings, debt and overall financial health, the better you will understand that what your future as a couple might look like and what part you’ll each play in it.

what’s mine, yours and ours

In stage is often the ultimate test of a relationship. Adorable quirks can transform. Into irritating habits. Alone time become harder to come by. And suddenly you share everything.

Navigating this relationship milestone requires a ton of compromisw. What will you sell, toss or donate to make room for this new pwrson in your life? If you both are living in seperate places probably have two washers, two dryers, two tvs these are things you can sell to raise money for a wedding or to help pay down debt,” said smith.

if you are comfortable with it open a joint checking or savings account can help you get used to managing money as a couble. It also prompts yo to have the conversation about how you’re going to allocate your money. “Are we agreeing to save a certain amount and spend the rest as we wish? ” or should we be putting a little bit extra into the joint account and if things go wrong. We slit the savings, 50/50?

and there’s one more sscenario you shouldn’t neglect to discuss: what happened to your share belonging if you breakup? This issue can feel imaginary ak

This 5 signs shows your partner is quity of financial infedelity

In a poll 31 percent of adults in a relationship said they consider keeping a credit card or bank account hidden from a part near to be worse than cheating sexually”

for couples in monogamous relationships cheating sexually is often considered the ultimate betrayal. But there’s one type of affair that could cause deeper scars than any hoop-up financial infidelity.

infact, 31 percent of surveyed adults in a relationship said they consider keeping a credit card or bank account hidden from a partner to be worse than ‘physical cheating, according to the poll. And it happens more than you might think; 2 in five U.S adults admits to committing financial infidelity according to the national endowment for financial education.

worried your spouse might be financial cheating on you? We spoke with antowoine winters, a certified financial planner an a former investigator with the IRSIRS, about the warning signs to watch out for.

You notice a lot of new stuff

If out of the blue, your spouse begins regularly sporting new clothes or gadgets and the two of you haven’t discussed these purchases: it could be that he or she is spending money or r or racking up credit card bills behind your back.

“for instance, say your husband or wife is a bit of a technophiles. You know they have a job that doesn’t really lend itself to the latest, greatestgreatest technology. But all of a sudden they start showing up with these [new items]

clearly, the funds for theses splurgers are coming from somewhere-and if your partner never mentions where, its probably because he or she doesn’t want you to know.

Your partners being defensive when you bring up money

a defensive demeanor is often the result of feeling attacked, for instance, “you ask a simple question like, ” hey, did you pay the power bill? And it elicit a completely disproportionate response.

if simple question about finances are met with suspicious or anger, there could be a deeper problem. Your partner likely feels quilty about his or her secretive behavior or is worried that you’re catching on.

the mail is off limits

Since banks often send notices via mail, a financial unfaithful spouse will likely be on the lookout for statements or paper work related to an accounts opened in secret.

“mail common in from strange credit cards or account statements, you don’t recognized….. That’s a good indicator,”

if your partner fiercely guards the mail and always manages to get to it before yours, something might be up.

suddenly you are showered with gifts

If you’veyou’ve noticed your partner has become particularly generous, it can feel great at first. But a nagging feeling that something is off shouldn’t be ignored.

that’s not to say you should panic if your husband brings home flowers one day or your wife decides to whip up a fancy dinner. But if you’re suddenly the recipient of many lavish gifts gifts especially one you know you can’t afford- it could be a sign your spouse is attending to distract you from dubious financial doings.

large cash withdrawal unaccounted for

If your husband or wife goes from racking up credit card rewards to stricking with a cash only systwm, you should definitely take notice.

someone pays all their bills by personal check all of a sudden, they switch and now they’re starting to pay them by money order. That’s a red flag. “Or they’re regularly withdrawing $6.000 oit of their checking account and paying all their bills with cash.

cash doesn’t leave a paper trail the way credit card did. So if your spouse suddenly want to carry cash instead of debit or credit card, he or she might be trying to hide what its being spend on.

why do couples cheats?

Sometimes the reason for being secretive about money is completely immocuous. “Spouse miggt be saying for an anniversary vacation or other gift that’s really expensive,” winter’s said, in this case, you might be a little prove that your spouse his money from you, but the intent is far from malicious.

oother times, a partner might struggle to find a sense of independence in a relationship. In which everything is shared, including money. “It might be as simple as just having extra fun money or something to go out with friends with,” he said. “Some couples do that out of sense of individuality.

in other words, diverting income to a private account or opening a credit card in secret feels like a way to maintain some autonomy.

unfortunately, financial infidelity doesn’t always stem from such an innorcentinnocent place some couples start using money against each other,” said winters, for instances, if one person in a relationship is unhappy that the other didn’t allow a purchased, the person might go ahead and buy it anyway. Then the other one is hurt and start spending money out of spite.

in extreme cases, he said, one spouse might be planning to leave the relationship and diverts a substantial amount of money into an account, perhaps under another persons name.

whatever the reason, small or large, “it’s definitely a symptom of lack of communication, ” said winters, “as a culture, we don’t talk about [money] a lot. Even in relationship, it’s this weird, awkward, uncomfortable thing” because of the awkwardness surrounding conversatios about money lying sometimes feels like easier option.

the only way to solve the problem of financialfinancial infidelity is to talk about it, however the reason for your partners hidden spending or solving will play a big part in whether he or she is willing to admit it.

how to confrontconfront your partner about financial infidelity

“Start with a calm conversation planning the conversation around a goal you want to work toward together, such as buying a house or saving for retirement. Ask to review the househood finaces together so you can find out if you’re on track.

most couples have some idea of what their spouse earnsearns he said, and regardless of whether you do, requesting to pay stub is a good way to catch financial infidelity. If there’s money going to an unknown account or what’s coming in doesn’t match what’s going out. There’s probably something your spouse isn’t telling you. “Now they have to make a decision to either (a) countless, or (b) to try and continue keeping it from you.

What to do if you find out the person you’re dating is deep in debt.

If you’re dating these days, you’re very likely to meet some folks who are dealing with serious debt.

one in five Americans say they have more credit card debt than emergency savings, according to a recent survey from personal finance company bankrate.

and there are lingering student loans, nearly 6million Americans owe $50.000 or more in student debt, according to analysis from researchers with the brooking institution.

you’re probably not going to discuss a person debt on the first date, but at some point, you’ll find out about it and the ensuing conversation is boundary to be a little awkward. The goodnews for both of you? Financial expect says debt shouldn’t necessary be a deal breaker.

Below are several tip for handling the conversation.

  1. Recognize that not all debt is created equally.this has to be open discussiondiscussion without judgement. Talk to them and find out how much debt was accumulated. Sometimes how the person got into debt is more important thanthan how much debt they’ve accrued, for example, there’s a big difference between a person who has $50.000 in credit card debt, because they use the money for vacation and fun, and a person who $50.000 in school debt. In the latter case. They may be serious about money and their future. Remember not all debt is bad debt. I’d much rather have a spouse who used their credit on education rather than fun.
  2. Keep an open mind even if is credit card debt. According to a recent survey by Goldman Sachs, nearly 70 percent of Americans say a partner credit card debt would be the most bothersome type of debt when compared to student loans, a car loan, or medical-related debt. That said, it’s important in this situation to keep an open mind: credit card debt doesn’t mean that your partner has an excessive spending problem. A series of unexpected life moments such as a car accident emergency. Vet bill or he repair may have contributed to the debt, identifying the underlying issues allows you to help your partner overcome any potential bad habits and asses strategies to pay it off faster. To get your conversation started and make your partner feel comfortable, open up about your own financial situation. Talk about your any debt you current have or have paid off before focusing the attention to their situation.
  3. Have an honest conversation about your relationship with money growing up.your partner need to be Willing to talk about there upbringing around money. What message did they get from there parents about what money meant to them? Are they really different from yours? If so this lay the foundation for regular checking with each other about money issue, as there is more chance of problems if you both come from where saving was part of the expectation, perhaps you can help get them back on course.
  4. Ask yourself: am i ok being in a relationship with someone who has accumulated debt?. Like any other quality money should not be discounted when choosing partner, especially one that you intend to spend your life with, and probably, a bank account, you need to ask yourself if you are OK walking into a relationship owing most money to others because once you are in long-term relationship your partner problem inevitably become your own.
  5. If you feel uncomfortable broaching the subject. Frame it as a conversation about your future together. These conversations aren’t going to be easy, especially if the person you are dating is in serious financial trouble. Try and frame the conversation in terms of things you want to do together like have kids, buy a house or travel. What debt mean for your life together or your financial goals? You may need to put some of these goals on hold until your partner get debt under control

Tradition or truth

The Gospel is the power of God unto all the blessings of God; thats why jesus tell us in mark16:15, to preach the gospel to every creature. Because when the Gospel is preach it has power to ignite faith on the Part of the hearer. And has we know without faith we can’t please God. God is a faith God, and it is through faith that we can access Gods grace, “by grace are we save through faith” ephesians2:8.

out on the other side of the gospel is another deadly poison all tradition. “Then come to Jesus scribes and pharisees, which were of Jerusalem saying. Why do your disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they washed not there hand when they eat bread, but he answered and said to them. Why did you transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? (Matthew15:1-3) in other word, they were telling Jesus why didn’t your disciples did as we do. Why didn’t they wash as we wash. You can see the pharisees has a washing tradition, and Jesus replied that that their tradition transgress the commandment of God. In our church world today there are so many man-made traditions that are contrary to Gods word. This are man made terminologies that the world says ” it made the word of God of no effect” (matthew15:16)

truth and reality

but grace and truth comes through the one man Jesus Christ (john1:17) the most powerful weapon we the church has is truth, and Satan lying agenda is the most powerful weapon our adversary has against us. Man-made traditions does not always want to do us favour, they want to make us saviour of ourselves, thethey paint for us such a false picture God, that has nothing to do with us, that cause all our sickness, that keep us broke to humiliate us. All this intellectual cabbage that has nothing to do with the word of God. If you touch this, chew this, wear this, God won’t walk in your life and your prayer won’t be answered. They are not truth because they don’t have scriptures for it.

God’s mirrow

One of satans mosr dangerous weapon againt the church s it lying agenda. The bible calked him the father of all lies, meaning there is no truth in him. And one of the weapon the church of jessus Christ has is truth. Satan knows that if he can take the word out of the church he has already defeated them.

tradition are man terminologies that are not inline with the word. Looking in our churches today and even in some of our seminaries you we found then in abundance. Men trying to understand spiritual truth with mere intellectual knowledge. Like Nicodemus in john3 when the master told him you most be born, they trying to justify there bodies how can someone that is old be born a second time, when they come into conclusion that someone cannot enter the second time in his mothers Berry, concluded that to you to be born again you need do this, keep that and much more.

a step out from the word is a step to dackness.

The word and only it can give us our standard. Let’s look at what is writting in james 1:22-25

“But be doers of the word[obey the message], and not merrly listeners to it, betraying yourselves [into deception by resoning contrary to the truth]. For if anyone only listens to the word without obeying it and being a doer of it, he is like a man who looks carefully at his[own] natural face in the mirror; for he thoughtfully observes himself, and then gors off and promptly forgets what he was like. But he who looks carefully into the faultless law, the [law] of liberty, and is faithful to it and perseveres in looking into it, being not a heedless listener who forgets but an active doer [who obeys], he shall be blessed in his doing (his life of obedience).

The word is like the mirrow, in it you see what God as written about you. What you have in him, you can’t be asuccessful christian without the word.